MBBS in Philippines – Know about admission and benefits of studying in Philippines

mbbs in philippines

MBBS in Philippines – Know about admission and benefits of studying in Philippines

Are you interested in studying MBBS and thinking how to get direct MBBS admission without donation? US Medico is the consultancy you have to approach. When it comes to study MBBS in abroad, Indian students has a few countries in the list. But, MBBS in Philippines is the most-preferred choice among Indian students. The medical universities of Philippines are approved by WHO. In addition, these universities are also listed in other medical education directories.

MBBS admission in Philippines:

Admission applications for Philippines is the most tedious and a lengthy process but when you are with us, we make it very simpler. MBBS in Philippines is the best option because Philippines is a Center of Medical Education around the world. All of the Medical Colleges and Medical Courses offered by these Colleges are recognized worldwide. We can give career counselling to students and help them get an admission and study MBBS in Philippines easily. MBBS admission in Philippines is not an easy task. You have to submit so much documentation which is not possible with a student. As US Medico knows everything, we will help you prepare your documentation and assist in easily getting admission in your preferred university.

MBBS in Philippines benefits:

  • No need to clear NEET or any entrance examination
  • No donation charges from any student
  • Tuition fee is very low
  • Extensive Syllabus and curriculum identical as in India
  • The instruction of study is in English medium
  • You will get the best quality education
  • Cost of living is very low
  • Philippines education is globally competitive
  • You can improve your language skills very quickly
  • Chance to access global opportunities easily
  • Modern-day training techniques with first-rate facilities and furnished with the well-established infrastructure
  • The degree offered is Doctor of Medicine (MD) which is equivalent to MBBS of India

These are some of the finest benefits that you have by studying in Philippines. So, MBBS study in Philippines is no doubt a fantastic option for everyone. You just need to have that interest in pursuing medical education and everything will fall in place easily.

Few top MBBS universities in Philippines

  • Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine
  • University of Perpetual Help System Dalta
  • Lyceum Northwestern University
  • Cagayan State University
  • Davao Medical School Foundation
  • Southwestern University
  • Bicol Christian College of Medicine


So, if you are looking for MBBS admission in Philippines, straightaway reach US Medico Consultants. We will assist you get an admission in your preferred university with ease. Wait no more! Give us a call immediately on +91 8008000415 +91 9246178801.

MBBS in Philippines
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