The Foundation for the Davao Medical School

The Foundation for the Davao Medical School envisions a world of vital health sciences education and services. The school emphasizes principal care for healthiness, research, public health care, and community engagement. Its students have the best chance of securing a high-paying medical job. The school's foundation is rooted in the Catholic faith and offers a diverse range of educational opportunities. In addition, the school offers low tuition fees and affordable instalments.

The foundation for the Davao Medical School offers a direct admission course to students who meet their eligibility criteria. The fee structure is completely different from that of the Indian and Philippine educational systems. Students can pay their tuition in five-year instalments. The program's reputation in the foreign and Philippine markets has led to its growth. There are also various other courses offered by the Davao Medical School Foundation. The foundation also provides admission assistance for international students.

The DMSF foundation supports sports and has a gymnasium and outdoor stadium. The campus has a gym, tennis courts, and carrom courts for students to play. The DMSF hospital is affiliated with the college. It has 100 beds, sixty private rooms, and two suite rooms. Its four-story building has glass-curtain facades and has a breathtaking view of Mt. Apo.

The foundation library of the Davao Medical School is regarded as one of the best in Asia. It has modern medical journals, state-of-the-art anatomy laboratories, and other facilities needed for learning and clinical practice. Students benefit from the state-of-the-art teaching methods and facilities. They also get a chance to experience real-world patient care, gaining firsthand knowledge of how the world works in the field.

The Davao medical school is located in the centre of Davao city. The Francisco Bangoy International Airport is about nine kilometres away from the college's foundation. There are local transport services available to reach the other cities. The overland terminal transport is 4 kilometres from the college, and it takes about 8 minutes. The DMSF hospital has over 50 cadavers, and one is added every year. The DMSF hospital has a 100-bed capacity and 10,000 square meters of built-up space. The hospital has suites and semi-private rooms.

The Foundation for the Davao Medical School emphasizes extensive practical clinical training. It has tie-ups with several hospitals in Davao. These include the San Pedro Hospital, Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, and the Southern Philippines Medical Center. DMSF graduates also receive higher salaries than their peers and have the potential to pursue graduate study in the United States. These benefits make the Davao Medical School Foundation a top choice for medical students.

The Foundation for the Davao Medical School provides dormitories for international students. These hostels feature fully furnished rooms with a study table, cupboard, and attached bathroom. Students can also enjoy the gym and outdoor games facilities at the hostel. In addition to the facilities, students can also live in the Davao Medical School Foundation's hostels for free. The school's dormitories have a cafeteria serving Indian and Filipino cuisine.

Brief Background to the DMSF

For many students, studying MBBS is their dream. It is extremely difficult for students to gain admission to Indian medical colleges due to very high competition, high tuition fees, and exorbitant donations. Due to this, many Indian students choose to study MBBS in the Philippines. According to Indian medical aspirants, the Davao Medical School Foundation Tuition Fee makes it the most reliable & highly ranked medical school in the Philippines.

It costs just Rs. 3.57 lakhs per year to study at Davao Medical School Foundation! Davao Medical School Foundation's fee system allows for comprehensive medical education and a wonderful campus experience at a very low tuition fee - just 22,28 lakhs for the entire 5.5-year period!

Universities in the Philippines are forbidden from collecting donations or capitation fees in addition to tuition. The foundation of the Davao Medical School follows this rule strictly. Any donations are strictly prohibited in the Davao Medical School!

Indian students in the Philippines have become increasingly satisfied with Davao Medical School Foundation in the past few years. The college has graduated over 1000 Indian students in the last few years. There are currently many Davao Medical School Foundation MBBS graduates working throughout India and abroad successfully!

Davao Medical School Foundation Courses

Students of Davao Medical School can pursue a quality MBBS degree in 5.5 years, including international students and local students. An average medical degree in the Philippines lasts for 5.5 years, comprising 4.5 years of MBBS study followed by 1 year of internship.

Philippines MBBS programs are called MDs while pre-medical programs are called BSs. Students first need to complete BS programs. Then you will be offered admission to the MD program, which is equivalent to the MBBS program in India.

Davao Medical School Foundation courses at the MD level are taught entirely in English. There is no need to learn any other language since English is the local language in the Philippines.

Davao Medical School Foundation Ranking

Davao Medical School Foundation is a world-class medical school in Mindanao, Philippines. Dedicated to medical education & research since 1944, Davao Medical School Foundation has 44+ years of experience. A global ranking and a comprehensive practical approach to medical training make Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines, a popular choice among MBBS students. In the Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation ranks top 6 among medical schools!

Throughout the world, top medical bodies have accredited the Davao Medical School Foundation. Medical Council of India (MCI) recognition is bestowed on Davao Medical School Foundation. It is for this reason that India's students are totally confident in the Davao Medical School Foundation!

Davao Medical School Foundation Admissions

Nowadays, students with such extensive clinical training are more likely to gain employment and higher education opportunities than those who only have bookish knowledge. It is for this reason that hundreds of Indian students choose Davao Medical School Foundation admissions every year.

During the admissions counselling session, the Davao Medical School Foundation Admissions Program recommend that the candidate and his/her parents come in with any doubts or questions about the college. The staff at Davao Medical College will answer all the questions regarding the MBBS program and campus life, the environment, the safety factors, food, the Davao Medical School Foundation Hostel, etc.

For verification, all photocopies of the application submitted for the eligibility round up to that point will be presented at this session. As part of this phase, you'll have to share all the necessary documents and copies needed for the application process.