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China Medical University (CMU) is one of the top ten medical schools in China with a history of 79years. China Medical University has 9,013 academic staff, and 39,831 registered students. China Medical University has 3 large and   modern affiliated general hospitals, 1 dental hospital and 17 teaching hospitals for clinical medicine.

The affiliated hospitals have 7,887 beds and 18,600 outpatient visits per day.

China Medical University has graduated about 60,000 students. Many graduates become high ranking officials or famous professionals, and many are practicing medicine in countries such as America and Japan. China Medical University library is the central library of National Medical Literature Resources Sharing Network of the Ministry of Health in the Northeast of China, having a collection of more than 1,000,000 volumes. 

China Medical University has cooperative relations with 66 international academic institutions and 266 international honorary professors/associate professors.

China Medical University's teaching programs in English and Japanese languages have been listed by WHO's World directory of medical schools.

China Medical University is among the first batch of Chinese medical schools authorized by the Ministry of Health to recruit international students. China Medical University has been teaching medicine in English medium since 1978. The University ranks 4th position among nearly 150 Medical Colleges in China. 60 Committee members of national academic societies, such as Chinese Medical Society.

There are 448 professors, 676 associate professors, 205 tutors for doctor students and 562 tutors for master students, 2 members of Evaluation Group of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, 4 directors and 11 vice-directors, 50 members of Standing Committee.

Why China Medical University?

Since we are a reputed and top ranking University in China, we attract the best talents available in the country. As informed there are lots of faculties in our university, who have studied in Europe, USA or UK and those who have worked in the can speak English very well.

More over as our University cooperate in students exchange program and faculty exchange program with universities from USA, UK and other countries so our faculty had a very good exposure to English program , English speaking students and International students. 

  • Listed in World Health Organization directory (WHO).
  • Recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Currently, there are 475 international students from more than 40 different countries or regions such as India, Sri Lanka, America, Japan, Kenyan, Nigeria, Thailand, etc.
  • 292 are studying for the MBBS degree in English medium.


There are separate facilities for Boys and girls.

Well-appointed hostels with fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms made for international students.

Rooms are furnished with TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Radiators, Air condition and other amenities.


Duration: 6 Years (includes last 1 year of complete Internship).

(Note: Students are allowed to do  internship in their own country).

Medium of Instruction: English

Beginning of session: September every year.

Curriculum: International MBBS Syllabus in accordance with Medical Council of India