Study low cost MBBS in Columbus Central University with U.S. Medico Assistance

Columbus Central University is a quality medical school in the Caribbean to study medicine with accredited Premed, Basic, and Clinical Science Programs. Many students choose this university to pursue their MBBS because of the finest infrastructure, and facilities available here. When applying to MBBS study in Columbus Central University, we guarantee that you are choosing the best Caribbean school of medicine. The medical curriculum taught in Caribbean medical college campus integrates top academic features of American and Caribbean medical schools.

Why Choose Columbus Central University?

There are numerous reasons why students want to get MBBS admission in Columbus Central University! Some of them include:

  • Columbus Central University is established in 2004 making it a top medical school in the Caribbean.
  • More than 50 full-time faculty, 200 voluntary faculty physicians, and hundreds of students.
  • 90 % USMLE Step 1 pass rate
  • Practice anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and India
  • Affordable tuition fee
  • More than 1,000 alumni
  • Modern Curriculum
  • Excellent residency placements

These reasons are enough to choose Columbus Central University!

Benefits of studying at Columbus Central University:

Following are some of the key benefits of pursuing MBBS at Columbus Central University:

  • The MD degree (doctor of medicine) can be earned upon completion of the Basic Science and the Clinical Science program.
  • Another advantage is; Belize is considered the best place for medical education in the Caribbean.
  • This university has a unique approach to teaching, which embraces cross-disciplinary teaching modalities.
  • It has breakthrough technologies, and innovative ways to advance training in both basic science and clinical skills throughout the medical school curriculum.
  • Study MBBS in Columbus Central University will help deepen students’ understanding of academic medicine to better prepare tomorrow’s doctors and make a far-reaching impact on their further career.


Finally, we conclude by saying that Caribbean medical colleges are the best foreign medical schools. Columbus Central University has an intent, which is to create an entirely new model of medical education, one that will enhance the university’s ability to act as a transformational agent in health care. So, if you are choosing CCU for MBBS, then you have truly made the right decision.

Basically, low cost MBBS in Columbus Central University is a boon. The goal of CCU is to prepare students for the next level of medical training in ACGME accredited American teaching hospitals by implementing a U.S. standard curriculum, used in the best North American LCME/AAMC colleges of medicine stressing Higher Order Thinking Skills (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) tested in USMLE Step I rather than simple memorization of facts. So, to study in this university, get in touch with U.S. Medico experts and they shall pave your way to success.