Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy In Rajahmundry


MBBS Abroad Consultants in Rajamundry

There are numerous benefits of studying abroad. Unlike the educational system of India, the tuition fee of foreign medical schools is considerably less, so many Indian students are able to afford them. It’s not just the exposure and experience gained, but the overall motivation for a quality education that drives them to study abroad. A study abroad consultant in Rajamundry which is U.S Medico can help you decide the best destination for your MBBS abroad.

Some of them are even able to arrange interactive sessions with foreign doctors to gain first-hand experience of the country. You can also opt for an MBBS abroad program to practice medicine in a foreign country.

Cost of Tuition fee For MBBS

While Indian students prefer studying abroad, the cost of tuition in a foreign country is much lower than in India. A five-year course in a foreign university costs approximately Rs 15 lakhs, compared to one crore in India. Therefore, MBBS abroad programs appeal to many Indian students. Moreover, an MBBS degree is the most sought after qualification for a doctor in India. Hence, it’s important to have a good number of MBBS doctors to provide quality health care services.

Choosing a study abroad consultant will help you to secure admission to a foreign medical college. The U.S. Medico consultants aim to impart professional guidance to the maximum number of students. They will also help you settle in and take care of you after you’ve finished your MBBS. Being the best study abroad consultants offer a transparent working policy and no hidden fees.

Our Services

The U.S. Medico staff are trained well where they can understand the profile of each student and help them choose the best foreign medical college. They will also help you in preparing a mission statement, vocation objective, and SOP. Moreover, these consultants have a vast knowledge of the basic education system of other countries. They can give you an opportunity to learn more about the study abroad process and how to apply for a visa.