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Students and their parents need to have direct interaction for career-making, which is very significant. To establish and build trust with our potential students and the parents, it is much needed to have intentional and seamless communication. The primary intention of the US Medico is to help shed some light. We mainly look for the students to have a direct interaction with us to get all the information briefly. And for this, we have existed in and around the Telugu States. Make sure we are accessible to all the students in all parts of the regions that we provide service. We have established our offices in Vijayawada to cover Guntur, Ongole. Tirupathi is to cover the entire Rayalaseema region, and Hyderabad to cover the Telangana region. We are accessible to the students to find a location to visit the office and to get the entire information. We assure you, your visit to the office will make you satisfied. People who identify their real values in life and believe in what they can create an appealing future. Great decision-making comes from the ability to create the time and space to think rationally and intelligently about making the career-best. It is said that the change will not come if you wait for some other time. Make it happen now to see the greater results in your career.

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