MBBS in the Philippines for Indian Students

If you are an Indian student, you may be wondering if MBBS in the Philippines is right for you. It is possible to pursue your studies while enjoying Indian cuisines all over the country. In addition to the delicious food, you will have the opportunity to learn a new language and experience a global outlook. An MBBS in the Philippines provides you with a highly recognized medical degree. Upon graduation, you can apply to work in the US or in any other country with a medical license.

MBBS in the Philippines is a combination of the MD and the Bachelor of Surgery. The country's top medical colleges are equipped with world-class infrastructure and highly qualified faculty to provide you with a top-notch education. The cost of studying MBBS in the Philippines is relatively low (between Rs. 15,00,000 and Rs. 25,00,000), and the duration of the course is six years.

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Why Study MBBS in Philippines?

MBBS in Philippines is very advantageous for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:

  1. It is possible to complete an MBBS in Philippines at a low cost. Those from middle-class backgrounds certainly have an advantage as they can pay much cheaper tuition fees than most other countries.
  2. It follows the American system of education, so English is used in the classroom, which is extremely advantageous for Indian students.
  3. High-quality education can be enjoyed by students, and they will have access to excellent research facilities.
  4. It is best suited for Indians since its temperature hovers between 28 and 32 degrees.
  5. The Philippines is a very affordable destination for accommodation and living.
  6. This might come as a surprise to you! It is estimated that one of every ten physicians practising in the United States is a medical graduate from the Philippines.
  7. USMLE preparation is part of the MBBS in Philippines . In the Philippines, almost all of the graduates passed the board examination in their home country.

MBBS in Philippines: Eligibility criteria

Study MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students: Eligibility, Course Duration, and Fee Structure should be carefully scrutinized to ensure that students are aware of the requirements they must meet.
Eligibility: Students with 50% marks in PCB in +2 are eligible to apply for MBBS Universities in the Philippines.
NEET : You should have passed the NEET exam
Course Duration : 5.5 years, which includes internship
Minimum Course Fee : Rs.2.5 Lakhs/Year
Maximum Course Fee : Rs.6 Lakhs/Year
Living Expenses : Rs. 12000/Month to 15000/Month
Facilities for Students : Indian Food, hostel, Wi-Fi
Mode of Teaching : English
Universities Recognition : MCI, WHO, WFME, FAIMER

Through our assistance, it is now much easier to study MBBS in Philippines. In the Philippines, medical universities provide outstanding student facilities like early clinical integration, enhanced teaching methods, and state-of-the-art laboratories for students to enhance their skills.

MBBS in Philippines: Course Structure

Medical school or the MBBS program in the Philippines follows or teaches the American curriculum. Among the two types of medicine, one is based on the British Curriculum, and the other is based on the American Curriculum. With the American Curriculum, students in the Philippines gain more practical knowledge and hands-on experience during their clinical rotations. In the Philippines, MBBS is commonly referred to as MD, which is a combination of a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Doctor of Medicine (MD). This 6-year course includes one year of internship as well. The students spend 16 months studying in the Bachelor of Science program, while the remaining time is spent learning clinical skills. In the fifth year, students are assigned to different health centres, hospitals and clinics where they participate in rotations under the supervision of physicians and other medical specialists to gain more practical experience.

MBBS in Philippines: Fee Structure

Providing an idea of the tuition fee for parents and students will make it easier for the students and parents. Here is a list of the tuition fees for each of the universities. For more information on the fee structure of each university, students should check the following table.
Note: The fees charged by each university fluctuate every year

Fee Structure for Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine

Course Duration Yearly Payment University Fees
(Pesos/ INR )
Pre Medicine 1.5 Years 1st Sem Pesos- 235000 INR- 3,29,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos- 235000 INR- 3,29,000/-
Doctor of Medicine 1st Year 1 Single Payment Pesos- 2,90,000, INR 4,06,000/-
2nd Year 1 Single Payment Pesos- 2,90,000, INR 4,06,000/-
3rd Year 1 Single Payment Pesos- 2,90,000, INR 4,06,000/-
4th Year 1 Single Payment Pesos- 2,90,000, INR 4,06,000/-
Total 5.5 Years Pesos-16,30,000, INR 22,82,000/-

University of Perpetual Help System Dalta

Course Duration Yearly Payment University Fees
(Pesos/ INR )
Pre Medicine 1.5 Years 1st Sem Pesos- 2,35,000, INR-3,29,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos- 2,35,000, INR-3,29,000/-
Doctor of Medicine 1st Year 1st Sem Pesos- 2,00,000, INR- 2,80,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos- 2,00,000, INR- 2,80,000/-
2nd Year 1st Sem Pesos- 1,25,000, INR- 1,75,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos- 1,25,000, INR- 1,75,000/-
3rd Year 1st Sem Pesos- 1,10,000, INR-1,54,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos- 1,10,000, INR-1,54,000/-
4th Year 1st Sem Pesos-1,05,000, INR-1,47,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-1,05,000, INR-1,47,000/-
Total 5.5 Years 10 Sem Pesos- 15,50,000, INR-21,70,000/-

Lyceum Northwestern University (LNU)

Course Duration Yearly Payment University Fees
(Pesos/ INR )
Pre Medicine 1.5 Years 1st Sem Pesos-2,25,000, INR-3,15,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-2,25,000, INR-3,15,000/-
Doctor of Medicine 1st Year 1st Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
2nd Year 1st Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
3rd Year 1st Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
4th Year 1st Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-1,00,000, INR-1,40,000/-
Total 5.5 Years 10 Sem Pesos-12,50,000, INR-17,50,000/-

UV Gullas College of Medicine

Course Duration Yearly Payment University Fees
(Pesos/ INR )
Pre Medicine 1.5 Years 1st Sem Pesos-2,25,000, INR-3,15,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-2,25,000, INR-3,15,000/-
Doctor of Medicine 1st Year 1st Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
2nd Year 1st Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
3rd Year 1st Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
4th Year 1st Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
2nd Sem Pesos-90,000, INR-1,26,000/-
Total 5.5 Years 10 Sem Pesos-11,70,000, INR-16,38,000/-

Top Universities to study MBBS in Philippines

  1. Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicin
  2. University of Perpetual Help System Dalta
  3. Lyceum Northwestern University
  4. Southwestern University

List of MCI/ NMC Approved Medical Colleges in Philippines

When Indian students wish to study MBBS abroad, let alone in the Philippines, make sure that all universities are recognized by MCI or NMC as the higher the accreditation, the better. We now need to understand what makes MCI and NMC recognition so important? A university that has been recognized by MCI and NMC follows the curriculum, rules, and teaching styles outlined by the two agencies. Below is our list of the top MBBS universities in the Philippines which are not just registered with MCI/ NMC but also with WHO (World Health Organization), USMLE, IMED, FAIMER, etc.

  1. Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine
  2. Angeles University Foundation
  3. UV Gullas College of Medicine
  4. University of Perpetual Help System Dalta
  5. Lyceum North Western University
  6. Davao Medical School Foundation
  7. Southwestern University
  8. Our Lady of Fatima University

Is NEET Required for MBBS in Philippines?

According to Indian government regulations, and MCI/NMC rules, NEET has been newly added to the qualifying exams for students who are interested in pursuing MBBS or dental medicine; they must take NEET and pass to be eligible for admission. As for whether NEET is required for MBBS in the Philippines , the answer is yes. Candidates should be able to score a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from a recognized board. Students are required to pass NEET in order to be eligible to apply both in India and abroad. In the Philippines. And also passing the NEET entrance exam for MD/MBBS admission is a requirement for practising medicine in India.

MBBS in Philippines : Admission Intakes 2022 & 2023

It is likely there will be two intakes, while others will be three, that is in June, September, and January. In accordance with the student's choice, they can enrol for their preferred intake.

Intakes Popular Intakes When to Start
September September May
October October May/June

Note: Better to start 3-4 Months before Intake

NMAT Exam and Its Importance

In the Philippines, NMAT was developed as a way to screen students who have completed their pre-medical courses. Essentially, the purpose of the NMAT was to increase the quality of candidates eligible for the MD program, which will, in turn, make the medical infrastructure of the country better. Students are evaluated carefully before being admitted to any medical college in the Philippines based on their NMAT scores. Most medical colleges in the Philippines offer admission to students scoring the highest NMAT scores. Considering the Philippines follows the American Curriculum, the entire curriculum is designed to ensure the students have the same level of education as American students. A large number of Filipino medical students aim to become doctors in the United States. The Philippines provides one doctor for every ten in the USA. Nevertheless, students are not required to pass the NMAT, it is simply an optional exam that they may sit for through the CHED, a local medical board. As per the university's requirements, students must attain at least a 40 percentile, but some may need as much as 70 percentiles. According to CHED, it appears that the NMAT could be eliminated completely.

PG Options After MBBS in Philippines

In accordance with the American curriculum, students studying MBBS in the Philippines will gain practical knowledge that will help them prepare for the USMLE, which is the United States Medical Licensing Examination. It is necessary for students to take the NEXT exam in order to practice in India. Those who wish to pursue a postgraduate program in India have to write and pass the NEET-PG, while those who wish to pursue a postgraduate program in the US must pass the USMLE. The PLAB is required for students wishing to study PG in the UK.

MBBS in Philippines - Syllabus

It is widely known that an understanding of the MBBS syllabus is fundamental. Following admission to study MBBS in the Philippines, students need to examine the course syllabus and discover what topics they will learn during their studies. They keep browsing here and there to find the course syllabus. Instead of our students having to search everywhere, we have provided them with the syllabus of MBBS in the Philippines. Our advice to each student is to get familiar with the syllabus and learn as much as possible so that the quantity and quality of their understanding increase when their professors teach them in class. This sets Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines apart from others.

  1. Human Anatomy
  2. General Medicine
  3. Orthopaedics
  4. Human Physiology
  5. Introduction to Humanities and Community Medicine
  6. Biochemistry
  7. Radiotherapy
  8. Ophthalmology
  9. Psychiatry
  10. Dermatology
  11. Paediatrics
  12. Forensic Medicine Including Toxicology
  13. Gynaecology
  14. General medicine
  15. General surgery
  16. Anesthesiology
  17. Obstetrics

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Philippines

  1. There is a similar educational pattern in Philippine universities to the United States. These resources are very useful for students wishing to take the USMLE.
  2. Compared to countries such as Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, China, Nepal, and Germany, the Philippines had a higher FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) passing rate.
  3. It is not necessary to pay capital and donation fees to get Admission to study MBBS in Philippines .
  4. MBBS in Philippines offers admission without IELTS or TOEFL requirements.
  5. Students at universities receive a greater amount of practical training so they can learn more about clinical procedures.

Accommodation and Food in the Philippines

Generally, Philippine medical colleges provide hostel accommodation for students from Indian countries. We, the US Medico, are a student’s-centred consultancy that supports parents. Our goal is to be the anchor sheet guardian between students' excitement and their parents' worries, taking care of the process of admission, accurate fees, providing services for 5 years, and being a support sheet between parents and students. With us, you are not entrusting the future of your child to a brokerage, agent, or consultancy but rather to a professional organization with offices in the Philippines and India that handles student needs from the start. Girls are guaranteed a safe and secure environment by cameras installed in the hostel.

There is vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food offered in the majority of medical colleges in the Philippines, depending on the students' preferences. Many Indian restaurants/canteens are available to MBBS students in the Philippines, mainly in Manila, so they can sample Indian cuisine every now and then.

Philippines India
Affordable Fee It costs between 14 lakhs and 25 lakhs to study medicine in the Philippines In India, MBBS tuition is more than 70 lakhs
Duration of the Course Six Years, including the internship 5.5 years with internship
Ranking Philippine medical universities have consistently ranked high in medical rankings worldwide. In the international ranking list, most colleges in India are ranked low.
World-class infrastructure As an alternative, applicants will receive training from experienced medical professionals in the university hospital. In India, not every college has a hospital to provide students with practical training.
Degree Graduate medical degrees in the USA are called M.D.s, whereas in the Philippines they are also called MDs (Doctor of Medicine). Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in India.
Practical Learning Practical learning and objective paper models are more prevalent in the Philippines. Typically, Indian medical schools give a high priority to studying human anatomy, physiology, medical biochemistry, and so on
Expensive A lot more reasonable than the cost of education in India is the expense of staying in the Philippines. It is very expensive to study medicine in India
No. of Seats The number of seats available to apply for MBBS will be large Despite only having a limited number of seats
NEET The following requirements must be met in order to apply for MBBS admission to the Philippines It is mandatory as well as students need to score the highest in order to be admitted.
Cost of Living It is between Rs. 12000 and Rs. 15000 per month Monthly income greater than 25000

Benefits of studying MBBS in the Philippines

  1. The Philippines has English as its official language. In the Philippines, MBBS students can find it easy to interact with patients during their internships. Since most of the MCQs in the National Exit Test is based on clinical diagnosis, clinical rotation experience is the most significant factor for success on the Medical License Exam.
  2. The World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India have recognized medical colleges and universities in the Philippines.
  3. Studying Medicine (MD) in the Philippines does not involve paying any tuition fees.
  4. At all Philippines Medical Colleges, English is the language of instruction. You will not need to learn additional languages like in China or Russia to complete the medical program.
  5. An entrance exam such as the TOEFL or IELTS is not required.
  6. As the Philippine climatic seasons are very similar to the Indian tropical climate, the spectrum of diseases is very similar. We need patients with diseases common to the Indian climate when diagnosing patients during clinical rotations.
  7. Philippines Medical Colleges offer courses that save you nearly more than 60% of the tuition fees charged in private medical colleges in India.
  8. The Philippines attracts nearly ten thousand students studying MBBS from abroad. Over three-quarters is Indian. Colleges with a high South Indian student population are rare, and many others have students from both the north and the south.
  9. In a variety of fields, the Philippines is known for its quality education.
  10. The Philippines offers MBBS courses lasting five and a half years.
  11. Students studying medicine in India first take pre-medical courses over the course of their first and a half year at the university. Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry provide students with a basic understanding of psychology.
Study MBBS in Philippines

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Documents Required to Apply for MBBS in the Philippines

Some documents are needed to be produced by students applying to study MBBS in the Philippines. To apply for an MBBS in the Philippines, you will need the following documentation.

  1. Passport Photos
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Matriculation
  5. Intermediate Marks Sheets
  6. Police Clearance Certificate
  7. Bank Statement
  8. TC
  9. University Acceptance Letter
  10. Fee receipt from the University
  11. Address Proof
  12. Identity Proof
  13. NEET Mark Sheet
  14. Visa

Checklist of Documents Required for Philippines Visa Appointment.

The student who has applied to study MBBS in the Philippines should undergo a stage of Visa Appointment which is mandatory to make the process done. In the below, we have given what are the documents to be carried out for the Visa Appointment for the study of MBBS in the Philippines

  1. Passport Size Photo, 80% face (White Background)
  2. Passport- Original (Should be brought by student)
  3. Passport Copies (Front and Back)
  4. 12th Marksheet (Apostille)- Original/ Copy (Front and Back)
  5. School Leaving/ Passing Certificate-Copy
  6. NEET Score Card-Copy
  7. Bank Statement-Original
  8. Sponsorship Letter- Original
  9. Tuition Fee Receipt
  10. Admission Letter
  11. Invitation
  12. Insurance
  13. Accommodation (Hostel Letter)
  14. EQE-Recognition
  15. Visa Application
  16. E-Application
  17. Flight Ticket
  18. Copy of VFS Appointment Letter

How to start the process to get admission to study MBBS in Philippines ?

Getting your information and initial counselling is the best way to begin the steps to getting admission to a university to pursue MBBS in Philippines. Are you planning to attend a university to study MBBS in Philippines? There are some criteria to consider. You can visit our office to find out, what are the best universities that provide you with infrastructure. In a world where each university looks identical, and every consultancy suggests the same thing, getting your admission plays an essential role in choosing the right university. Once you have a transparent counselling process, submit the documents to us, and then there will be an interview with the university and a continuous process will run until you get admission to study MBBS in Philippines.

What Career Opportunities are available after completing an MBBS in Philippines?

Because the MBBS in Philippines is based on practical knowledge, for one year, it assists and enhances students' applications for obtaining a Foreign Medical Graduate licence, and also for USMLE examinations in the USA and the UK. Medical Universities in Philippines is almost exclusively about licensing programs, which stands out among all the professions. An MBBS from the Philippines can enhance the career prospects of students who graduate from there.

Courses Offered by the Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Philippines

It specializes in medical courses under the American Curriculum, which is known as MDs. In the basic sciences program, students will spend between one and two years depending on their university, and then four years in the MD programs, which are run and monitored by CHED.

How Safe is Philippines?

In the last two decades, Indian students have travelled to the Philippines to study and have returned since it is one of the safest countries in south-east Asia. Filipinos are very friendly people. Most Americans take a vacation to the Philippines, which is a tourist country. The government is tourism-friendly and there are over 600 Irelands. The government puts a lot of effort into the tourism sector, as well as international students. Not only that, but we have our own Indian mess and hostels where students live. According to reports so far, there have been no major incidents reported in India and it is a very safe country for Indians. The campuses are quite large and the majority of students are concentrated within the university. Shortly, MBBS in the Philippines are very safe for Indian students

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

Philippine medical degrees are split into two parts. A 5.5-year or 6-year M.D course consists of two portions: a 1.5-year BS course followed by a 4-year M.D course which is a Doctor of Medicine degree. To become a doctor, you first have to enrol in either a pre-medical or BS program, which can take up to two years, depending on the university. Following the completion of the BS course, you can begin the MBBS program. You can also see the advantages of this. Since education is not a stressful course, it will give you plenty of time to settle in a new country. Also, it offers the opportunity to students who did not do well in their eleventh and twelfth grades in India to refresh all their subjects during the B.S. (Bachelor of Science) premedical course.

A qualifying score on NMAT is required in the Philippines for admission to the MBBS program. Most universities only require a 40 percentile to qualify for the exam, so it is not difficult. The student cannot qualify for the licensing exam in India if he or she does not qualify for NMAT. Additionally, if a student qualifies for NEET, then he or she won't encounter any difficulties in clearing the NMAT. You are allowed to take the NMAT while you are in the M.D. This will give you up to four chances to clear the NMAT before completing the program. It is possible to be admitted to the MD program even if you have not cleared the NMAT. It is still necessary for you to earn a 40 percentile and qualify for the NMAT, which means you might have the opportunity to apply 2to 3 times more.

Students at universities in the Philippines are trained well enough to qualify for the NMAT. All students pass the NMAT and go on to complete their MD program and become successful physicians.

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Why Choose US Medico Consultants for MBBS in Philippines?

Is it your plan to complete your MBBS in Philippines ? Then you need to choose the right consultancy which provides accurate information and that ensures your admission to study MBBS in Philippines . To find out what the best consultancy is, you need not go elsewhere since you have reached the right page; we, the US Medico have been helping our students in their dreams of becoming the best doctors in the Philippines for ages. The US Medico career guidance system helps you sort through the variety of options to find the options best suited to your profile and/or parameters, ensuring you choose the right career path for you. We have highly skilled advisors who have a lot of experience guiding students for studying abroad. We help students find their best career options after analyzing their profiles, their interests, and the present market environment.

We pay attention to every tiny detail and make sure our students settle in no time once they land abroad. Once you have landed abroad, our counsellors will be able to help you choose the greatest option from our tested & tried resources that relate to air travel, accommodation, insurance, medical provisions, pharmacy, part-time jobs, etc. We make sure we pay attention to every single detail and ensure that our students settle quickly. The executives/caretakers accompany students to the university campus and provide assistance all throughout their settlement on the campus until the university provides them with a hostel room.

FAQs for studying MBBS in Philippines

1. What is the fee to study MBBS in Philippines?
It differs from university to university. But the overall fee will not exceed 22 lakhs for the total duration of 5 years.

2. Can I work as a doctor in India after completing my MBBS in Philippines?
Yes, you can work as a doctor in India, but you must clear the exit exam.

3. What is the minimum percentage or criteria required in the 12th class to study MBBS in Philippines?
The minimum percentage needed is 50% in PCB for General Category and 40% for SC/ST/OBC Category to pursue MBBS in Philippines .

4. Is it safe to study MBBS in Philippines?
Yes, it is extremely safe for Indian students to study MBBS in Philippines .

5. Is the MBBS degree from the Philippines valid in India?
It is valid only if you study in a university that is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

6. Is it easy to get admission to study MBBS Philippines?
With the help of a professional consultancy like US Medico, it is extremely easy to get admission to a top-ranked university to study MBBS in Philippines.