We are proud to say that US Medico consultants provide lots of professional services, in which the students get all the details at one glance we provide the services such as Free Career Counselling, Free Admission Counselling, Pre-Departure Briefing, Admission Guidelines, Visa Assistance, and Post Admission Assistance.

Free Career Counselling

A lot of parents and students will come, they come with lots of confusion. The US Medico staff and the organizations have done lots of research to provide hazel free counselling to what courses need to be selected, what country to be selected. Most of the consultancies suggest what benefits them but we the US Medico suggest what benefits the student. Read More

Free Admission Counseling

A lot of consultancies charge for admissions but we give full and transparent counselling so that the parents and the student can make an informed decision about all the tenure of the course, with the accommodation, other visa charges with an accurate 90-95% transparency. Therefore, then the students and parents can decide regards their admission under proper counselling and guidance. Read More

Pre-Departure Briefing

Before leaving any country, the pre-departure briefing is one of the most key components. A student needs to be prepared to make them understand what to expect when they leave their home country in a foreign land. The food habits, the discipline, the dos and don’ts. Although there will be a person from the organization who travels along with the student, it is important when to obey and to follow the rules of international laws.Read More

Admission Guidelines

The US Medico makes sure that all we finished the admission guidelines when the students are in India, leaving no paperwork and extra stress for students and parents. Any leftover work once we leave India will cost the student ten times more money. We make this section seriously in competing for everything on one hand rather than letting the students or the parents suffer once the students leave India.Read More

Visa Assistance

We follow strict protocol and advise the embassy of what documents need to be provided. Once a student takes admission or enrols with the consultancy and the University we give as much information as possible in terms of what books to read, what luggage should carry, what to expect when they go over there, what is the curriculum, we at least try to give them in one year advance. We can proudly say we are a one-stop destination for all their queries when they leave India to pursue their higher education. Read More

Post Admission Assistance

Leaving the home country and visiting a foreign land will be a challenge for the students in the initial days of their stay to adjust to the culture, their food, timings, and many others. With this, it is common that students might also face difficulties to accept the lifestyle, culture, and environment too. We the US Medico supervise our students in each step of post-admission as well and we will solve their smallest queries and make them feel confident.Read More