MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

If you want to study MBBS but are unsure where to begin, you've arrived at the right. If you want to become a doctor from one of the top medical schools, you've come to the correct place. Because the MBBS in Kazakhstan lasts only 5 years, it is one of the greatest possibilities for Indian students who want to pursue a degree from another country. This has a direct impact on medical students because they can do internships or work during that year. There are numerous other reasons for you to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is also noted for having a pleasant climate.
Due to Kazakhstan's high-quality schooling methodology, its universities are globally admired. Clinical training in Kazakhstan is a truly worthwhile endeavor as the nation maintains a common benchmark of medical education. The WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC, and NMC recognize Kazakhstan's medical universities. Kazakhstan developed into the regional hub for Central Asia's medical development. It is regarded as one of the most respected medical degrees in the world, with the best medical universities. It is hard to imagine an Indian student studying medicine anywhere else than Kazakhstan, which provides diversity and an excellent opportunity for Indians and international students in a different way. When compared to other countries, MBBS in Kazakhstan offers easy access to the best medical universities.

In the below table, we have provided an overview table of MBBS in Kazakhstan. Aspirants are suggested to check them carefully, for a better understanding. And we also inserted our official site of US Medico, we would advise our students to get into the official site or reach us for more information about your study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

MBBS in Kazakhstan - Overview

Name of the Course MBBS
Program Level Graduate
Name of the Country Kazakhstan
Eligibility Criteria General Candidates should secure more than 50%, and Other candidates should secure 40%
NEET Mandatory
Duration of the Course 5/6 years
MCAT Not Required
SAT's, IELTS, TOEFL Not Required
Mode of Teaching English
Average Course Fee 4500 dollars per year
Cost of Living in Kazakhstan 150-200 dollars per year
Universities Recognition Approved by NMC and WHO
Official Site US Medico

MBBS in Kazakhstan - Highlights

MBBS in Kazakhstan are of a high standard, and their prices are fair and affordable for students from all parts of the world. Kazakhstan's universities provide their students with a high level of clinical practice to prepare them for their future careers. Kazakhstan's medical schools have highly experienced teachers and staff. Hospitals affiliated with Kazakhstan's medical schools exist in large numbers. Universities with recognized medical programs are also equipped with a variety of services. There are students in Kazakhstan from all corners of the world studying at MCI approved universities. Kazakhstan is always worth money as an MBBS course for Indian students at a very minimal fee.

Why MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students?

The MBBS in Kazakhstan is well known and in great demand among students. The first dream that a lot of science background students have is becoming a doctor and being the best in their field. It is common for students to pursue a career in medicine, but those who choose the right path and follow it sincerely will have better results MBBS in Kazakhstan program is distinguished by its accuracy from any other country where students can study. Students can study MBBS in Kazakhstan for five years and receive a degree if they qualify with a high percentage. As a result, we tell students who wish to or planning to study MBBS in Kazakhstan that it is the right and best decision that you made for your first step towards success.

Many of the best doctors in Kazakhstan have gone through our US Medico consultants. Kazakhstan has made remarkable progress in improving medical education in recent years. Graduates of the MBBS in Kazakhstan hold immense value in the global medical community. It can confuse for students to understand what makes MBBS in Kazakhstan different from other countries and universities. If you choose MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can benefit from the best opportunities and the largest diversity that Kazakhstan offers for international students. Kazakhstan has a simple level of getting admission to MBBS programs as compared to many other countries. For this reason, preferring MBBS from Kazakhstan would be much easier.

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Advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

MBBS students studying in Kazakhstan have several benefits. If you are still confused about why you should choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan, then reading the advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan can help. Below is a list of the benefits.

• Outstanding Infrastructure: Kazakhstan has world-class hospitals and state-of-the-art equipment on all campuses. It is very productive to study MBBS in Kazakhstan since the majority of Kazakhstan's universities are of high quality.

• Donation: As stated earlier, private Indian institutions still receive significant donations, and above the annual fee. Similarly, Kazakhstan's Medical Universities do not receive substantial donations or head fees. Kazakhstan does not have a system of donations or headcount fees for MBBS colleges. Kazakhstan medical schools charge lower tuition fees per year for MBBS than Indian private universities. Kazakhstan medical schools provide an affordable fee structure for MBBS students.

• Course Duration: The duration of the MBBS in Kazakhstan is only five years, which is an attractive aspect for Indian doctors who study MBBS in Kazakhstan as they gain a year of extra study time. MBBS courses are typically taught over six years at universities in different countries. The student has the option of taking part in education by working in a hospital under the supervision of a physician during the 1-year course.

• Authorization: Kazakh medical universities are recognized by UNESCO and approved by World Health Organization and MCI. Because of international recognition, students are more likely to land internships or jobs in top hospitals across the globe.

• Admission Process: Kazakhstan's admissions process is relatively straightforward. Kazakhstan's top medical universities require candidates to meet certain eligibility requirements. By working with US Medico consultants, a candidate will have an easier time getting into one of Kazakhstan's best medical universities to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

• Availability of MCI Coaching: Students who complete their MBBS in Kazakhstan and at the university will have access to MCI Coaching. Indian students will receive training for the MCI screening test so they can better qualify for these exams. Practice sessions will be provided at no extra charge in India.

• Mode of Teaching: MBBS in Kazakhstan, instruction is conducted in English, thus making it easier for Indian students to complete their medical courses there and study according to their preferences.

• Faculty with Admirably Competent Skills: The faculty at Kazakhstan's universities is highly trained and experienced, and they strive to provide their students with practical knowledge. Students are helped to resolve their doubts in a very validating way by these experts.

• Recognition of Degrees: The Medical University of Kazakhstan has degrees that are recognized throughout the world. With top hospitals all around the world providing jobs to students, it becomes easier for them to find jobs. With the new system, students can now choose and access hospitals in India and abroad according to their preferences.

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country in Eurasia. It is located in Eastern Europe, East Asia, and Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world and it also has the aridest and barren landscape among all other countries. It is a popular destination for Indian students looking to study MBBS in Kazakhstan due to its affordable tuition fees and quality education system. In Kazakhstani universities, there are no tuition fees that can be charged by private institutions or individuals. The Kazakhstani government has taken initiatives to attract Indian students with scholarships, student visas, and working opportunities for doctors who are studying MBBS abroad. Kazakhstan's medical education system has been recognized by WHO as one of the best in the world due to its high standards of teaching and research.

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students is a medical program that allows students from India to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. This program has been running since 2007 with the help of the Indian embassy. It was started by a few doctors who wanted to give back something to their country and have seen immense success since then. India has seen an increase in applicants for MBBS in Kazakhstan in recent years as it offers affordable education and cost-effective treatment for patients with high-quality standards of care.

Kazakhstan is renowned for the quality of its healthcare and medical education and Kazakhstan Medical University is not an exception in this regard. The country has a top-notch medical school - Kazakh Medical University which offers MBBS courses in English to Indian students.

Students who complete MBBS in Kazakhstan are awarded a degree and this certificate will be considered equivalent to an MBBS degree issued by India. In addition to medical training, these online courses also provide students with lectures on Kazakh culture, history and society, which is a bonus for those who want to learn more about their new home country while they are in school. Kazakhstan offers special language support programs for foreign nationals. The country's healthcare system is also ranked as one of the best in the world by WHO, making it a good option for those seeking quality healthcare services and facilities.

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Top Universities to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

And to check what are the top universities, candidates need not browse or go for deep research in finding the best universities to study MBBS in Kazakhstan . Here in this section, we have provided what are the top universities available for your study of MBBS in Kazakhstan . The universities which we have provided below are recognized by the MCI and WHO. Now, stop your wait and reach us today to apply for the best universities to study MBBS in Kazakhstan .

Top Universities to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

  1. Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education
  2. Kazakh National Medical University
  3. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  4. Semey State Medical University
  5. Astana Medical University Kazakhstan
  6. Karaganda State Medical University
  7. Kazakh Russian Medical University
  8. North Kazakhstan State University
  9. South Kazakhstan Medical Academy
  10. Kokshetau State University
  11. UIB (University of International Business)
  12. Caspian International School of Medicine

Along with the universities to study MBBS in Kazakhstan , we have also provided the free structure in this table, to let students understand what would be the free structure to study MBBS in Kazakhstan and the accommodation charges.

Fee Structure for MBBS in Kazakhstan FEES Accomodation
Kazakh National Medical University 4,500 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
North Kazakhstan State University 3500 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Kokshetau State University 3500 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Kazakh Russian Medical University 4500 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Astana Medical University Kazakhstan 3700 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Caspian International School of Medicine 3500 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education 4,500 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 4200 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Semey State Medical University 3700 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
UIB (University Of International Business) 3500 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
Karaganda State Medical University 4750 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 3950 dollars per year 150 - 200 dollars

Eligibility Criteria for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

The process of getting into MBBS in Kazakhstan is easier for those who meet the eligibility requirements. Each student must meet the following requirements.
If you would like to apply to MBBS in Kazakhstan , you should be in your 12th grade and studying science.
To be considered for the program, the applicants must have achieved a good grade point average of at least 50% in class 12 to get apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan.
Students must get qualified in the NEET exam to apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan .
And finally, students need to have a valid passport to get the process for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Documents Required to Apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Some documents are need to be produced by students applying to study MBBS in Kazakhstan . To apply for an MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will need the following documentation.

  1. Passport Photos
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Matriculation
  5. Intermediate Marks Sheets
  6. Police Clearance Certificate
  7. Bank Statement
  8. TC
  9. University Acceptance Letter
  10. Fee receipt of the University
  11. Address Proof
  12. Identity Proof
  13. NEET Mark Sheet
  14. Visa

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Cost of Living in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Kazakhstan is one of the countries that have a great healthcare system and has a good reputation. It also offers competitive salaries, affordable and easy living costs, affordable quality education, and an enjoyable lifestyle.

Main Reasons to Choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  1. Kazakhstan is one of the countries with a high standard of living in terms of cost of living.
  2. Kazakhstani government provides scholarships for international students
  3. High-quality education
  4. Low tuition fees
  5. Excellent healthcare facilities
  6. Friendly people and culture
  7. Good living standards
  8. Easy to find work opportunities after graduation.
  9. Kazakhstan has the most competitive tuition fees in the world
  10. Kazakhstan is a safe place and has very low crime rates and offers a good quality of life.

MBBS in Kazakhstan Course Fee

Any student who wishes to study abroad will choose or prefer universities that have a good reputation. A student who studies MBBS dreams of becoming one of the best doctors from the best university. Does it make sense to study MBBS at the best university and pay low tuition? Yes, you can study MBBS in Kazakhstan at a low cost. It is one of the reasons why Kazakhstani universities or the governments encourage students to study MBBS in Kazakhstan at a low cost which is comparable to other countries. In Kazakhstan, studying MBBS is affordable, thus making it a very desirable option for all Indian students. There are fees of up to 4500 dollars per year. There will be a fee of 150-200 dollars per year for accommodation. The MBBS in Kazakhstan tuition fee structure is the single most important factor determining whether a student can afford the course. Besides tuition fees, students must also cover living expenses, books, and other mandatory materials.

The Indian students benefit from the comparable MBBS in Kazakhstan at an affordable cost, and the same and equivalent standard is the most significant part of getting into Kazakhstan universities for the course of MBBS in Kazakhstan. To provide quality education for students, the government is required to provide a higher number of students in healthcare. Thus, Kazakhstan's government has been trying to ensure that MBBS in Kazakhstan an affordable and accessible to all students.

Checklist of Documents Required for Kazakhstan Visa Appointment.

The student who has applied to study MBBS in Kazakhstan should undergo a stage of Visa Appointment which is mandatory to make the process done. In the below, we have given what are the documents to be carried out for the Visa Appointment for the study of MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Passport Size Photo, 80% face (White Background)
  2. Passport- Original (Should bring by student)
  3. Passport Copies (Front and Back)
  4. 12th Marksheet (Apostille)- Original/ Copy (Front and Back)
  5. School Leaving/ Passing Certificate-Copy
  6. NEET Score Card-Copy
  7. Bank Statement-Original
  8. Sponsorship Letter- Original
  9. Tuition Fee Receipt
  10. Admission Letter
  11. Invitation
  12. Insurance
  13. Accommodation (Hostel Letter)
  14. EQE-Recognition
  15. Visa Application
  16. E-Application
  17. Flight Ticket
  18. Copy of VFS Appointment Letter

Study MBBS In Kazakhstan for Indian Students

The Kazakhstan government conducted a study that revealed that India is among the top 50 countries sending a large number of students to MBBS in Kazakhstan . In Kazakhstan, the government provides sufficient security and safety for Indian students enrolled to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has long been the main choice for students from India looking to study MBBS. Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan only takes 5 years, and the general expenses incurred to complete the program are comparable to those in other countries. MBBS in Kazakhstan offers cheaper education compared to the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Ukraine. The type of training offered by Kazakhstan's MBBS program is an important factor for Indian students. Nevertheless, MBBS in Kazakhstan is a good option for those students who desire to become experts in medicine at a reasonable price.

Mostly because the cost of education at the Indian private medical universities is so high that students cannot afford to pay for it. Kazakhs, then, can take advantage of the affordable costs of education. As an alternative, students can afford the MBBS course at an affordable cost in comparison with other countries. In the case of a student is of an Asian nation, they most likely will not have to think about the best response to the inquiry, as most residents of Asian nations realize the best nation in which to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan program since managing funds won't be an issue. Students who study MBBS in Kazakhstan get a top-notch education at a truly fair price, and they make the best possible investment. In contrast to many other countries, MBBS in Kazakhstan admission process is very straightforward and doesn't involve any complicated customs arrangements.

The professional counsellors at our office are ready to help you with any questions or doubts you may have about your admission to study MBBS in Kazakhstan . Many of the universities in Kazakhstan are accredited by both MCI and WHO, making it more convenient for students to become doctors in top hospitals in Kazakhstan. After seeing this, one can conclude that studying MBBS in Kazakhstan has many advantages. If you ask about the quality of MBBS in Kazakhstan , then you will be pleased with the answer. Our medical admission experts will be happy to answer your questions and confirm your acceptance to study MBBS in Kazakhstan .

MBBS in Kazakhstan FAQs

1. Why should I choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan?
If students want to complete the course of MBBS, then choosing to study MBBS in Kazakhstan is an ideal place, where Kazakhstan can be completed at a low cost.

2. What is the quality of education for MBBS in Kazakhstan?
The students who complete their course in MBBS in Kazakhstan will get an outstanding quality of education when compared to other countries.

3. Is studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is valid in India?
Yes, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is completely valid in India.

4. Will I get a scholarship by studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?
Some universities offer scholarships for students based on their merit and according to government norms.

5. How can I get the complete guide to get admittance to study MBBS in Kazakhstan?
To get the entire information and counselling, aspirants are advised to visit our US Medico office and to start the process of getting admission to the top university to study MBBS in Kazakhstan .

To make it more convenient for our students and parents, we are located at four places that are Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tirupati and Rajahmundry. Reach us now today to see yourself in the best-recognized university to pursue your MBBS in Kazakhstan.