Lyceum-Northwestern University

If you're planning to pursue a degree in medicine, you should consider attending the Lyceum-Northwestern University. This medical college in Dagupan City, Philippines, was founded in 1969 by Dr Francisco Quimson Duque and his wife, Florencia Tiongson. Among its notable features is its emphasis on patient care, which is a major advantage in the medical field. Besides, its renowned medical faculty offers a wide range of specialized services.

The Lyceum-Northwestern University is one of the leading medical schools in the country and is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The school's curriculum is based on the American system, making it easier for Indian students to crack the PG entrance exam. The school is a member of the MCI, FAIMER, and WHO, and has a compassionate and dedicated approach to student welfare.

There are 52 departments in the Lyceum Northwestern University, spanning four faculties and a medical school. General medicine attracts the most applications from Indian students, with nearly one hundred thousand applicants every year. Academic staff engage in international conferences and symposia, and practical courses are conducted in renowned city hospitals and out-patient clinics. Students learn from the most current teaching techniques, which are designed to increase their knowledge and expertise.

As the Philippines is an English-speaking country, students can study in English. On-campus housing is affordable and modern. Students don't have to worry about learning the local language; dormitories are equipped with the latest technology. Students can also enjoy the diversity of cultures and lifestyles in the Philippines, which is another benefit of studying MBBS here. The cost of living and the quality of education at the Lyceum Northwest university are among the best in the world.

Students should note that admission policies of the Lyceum Northwestern university vary depending on the area of study, the level of degree, and the student's nationality. For more information, visit the Lyceum Northwestern University website. Its website contains a full list of details about the school's admission policies. It will help you find the best course for your needs. There is a Lyceum Northwestern University campus nearby your home.

The Lyceum Northwestern University is located in Dagupan, Philippines. It is a private university that offers six-year courses in medicine. The University has approximately 2,500 students, with more than 250 from India. The academic curriculum at the Lyceum is balanced and comprehensive. It is listed in the world's most reputable medical schools directory. It strives to develop compassionate, knowledgeable, and high-competent professionals.

The first Lyceum-Northwestern University was established in 1969 as a nursing school at the Dagupan City Polyclinic Hospital. It was later acquired by Dr Duque, a former governor and secretary of health. After merging with the Northwestern Educational Institution, the university also spearheaded a consortium of local tertiary schools. Initially known as the Northern Philippines Institute of Medicine, the school began with 19 students and lasted for two years. By 2001, it was granted university status.

Lyceum-Northwestern University Fees

Through the university's modern equipment, students receive modern knowledge and learn how to use the latest technologies. The Philippines offers a host of advantages for MBBS students. One of the reasons why medical aspirants from all over the world look forward to MBBS at Lyceum Northwest University is the broad education module, flawless educational standards, and minute tuition fees.

MBBS in Philippines is a preferred option for many medical aspirants from around the world due to its excellent educational standards, wide educational program, and low tuition fees. Tuition at Lyceum Northwestern University does not include CAPITATION FEES or DONATIONS. Compared to other countries, the price of education, hostel and food is very low, even lower than most private institutions in India. Make the most of being able to fulfil your dreams of becoming a doctor here.

Lyceum-Northwestern University Courses

Lyceum Northwestern University is known for its world-class research scholar community. There is ample technological equipment available on the campus of Lyceum Northwestern University to make sure students can hone their skills to an international level. Among the few universities with these systems, Lyceum Northwestern University has a simulation lab as well as an Anatomage table for students to practice their skills. The Lyceum course curriculum at Northwestern University offers practical training that prepares future healthcare professionals for competition on a global scale.

To give Lyceum Northwestern University MBBS students international quality clinical training, the Lyceum Northwestern University is affiliated with Government Hospitals of Dagupan, an internationally renowned tertiary hospital located in Dagupan City, Philippines. Students at Lyceum Northwestern University benefit from extensive clinical training that helps them to secure job offers from hospitals in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and India. Indian students can also crack NEET PG exams with ease by enrolling in courses at Lyceum Northwestern University.

Lyceum-Northwestern University Ranking

There are a number of top medical associations worldwide that accredit Lyceum-Northwestern University for its world ranking. MCI has recognized Lyceum Northwestern University as a recognized institution. Therefore, you can be sure that Indian students will have an excellent experience with Admission to Lyceum Northwestern University! Among the best-ranked universities in the Philippines, Lyceum Northwest has earned an excellent ranking. Lyceum Northwest university holds great standing with its ranking of 154 in the top 200 universities.

A prestigious institution of its kind in the Philippines, Lyceum Northwestern University is one of the finest in the country. There is no requirement that students learn their local language during the course, as the whole course is taught in English. Students at Lyceum Northwest university Philippines learn about a new culture while studying there.

Its rigorous curriculum and research facilities make Lyceum Northwestern University's MBBS program world-famous. According to WHO, MCI, USMLE, FAIMER and ECFMG, Lyceum Northwestern University has a world-class ranking.

Lyceum-Northwestern University Admissions

An MBBS, MD, or Medical degree completed in the Lyceum Northwestern University is equivalent to an MBBS degree in India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, or any other Commonwealth country. Furthermore, they provide affordable medical education with state-of-the-art technology. In particular, Indian students have many advantages at Lyceum Northwestern University.

Students at the Lyceum Northwestern University benefit from a practical based curriculum that provides hands-on training to help them be competitive in the healthcare world. Your admissions advisor at the Lyceum Northwestern University will assist you throughout the process. Your paperwork and documentation will be handled by Lyceum Northwestern University, which saves you much time and hassle.