MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia

In Georgia, crime levels are low, and pollution levels are virtually non-existent. The country is rapidly developing, and it encourages good education. It has always been regarded as an international friendly country. The infrastructure investments made to accommodate medical students have made a significant difference in their learning, especially in practical areas. The American curriculum is followed by some universities in the US, which will benefit students and their plans while studying for MBBS in Georgia. People here are friendly, which makes it easier to study. It is close to India in comparison with other countries. There are a 1.5 hours’ time difference between India and Georgia. Studying in Georgia is an excellent opportunity for international students who know exactly what they want out of their study abroad experience in the United States. This includes the fact that it is one of the cheapest states to live in and the possibility of experiencing traditional southern living.

As Georgia's idiomatic expression cleverly suggests for international students, moving to the state of Georgia is an act of intelligence and maturity. Georgia has a very reasonable cost of living compared to other states. Studying abroad in Georgia is a wonderful experience, particularly for those students who would like to avoid the crowds found in other international study destinations. Every year, more Indian students enrol in top medical universities in Georgia due to the high quality of education provided by the Georgian educational system. Medical speciality universities provide Indian students with unique opportunities. These institutions provide graduates with direct access to all health care system positions.

Study MBBS in Georgia

For students who are ready to study Medicine in Georgia , Georgia offers excellent opportunities. Many aspiring medical students consider it to be one of the finest schools in the country. Medicine in Georgia is becoming more popular as a place to study medicine for Indian students. Studying MBBS in Georgia offers the highest value for students seeking an affordable medical education. In Georgia, a growing number of Indian students pursue careers as specialists. For students who are interested in pursuing Medicine in Georgia, provides excellent opportunities. It is one of the most sought-after places for aspiring medical students. There is widespread knowledge among Indian medical students that studying MBBS in Georgia offers quality training, quality medical frameworks, and a practice-based learning environment at a low cost. One additional significant thing to consider regarding education in this country is the nation's 100% literacy rate. When you complete your Medical Degree in Georgia Medical Degree in Georgia, you won't have to worry about the future of your career. We have already helped students who intended to study MBBS Degree in Georgia at a low cost through US Medico. We aim to make sure you reach the country without any hassle, so let's work together.

About Georgia

A crossroads of Asia and Europe, Georgia is located in the heart of Eastern Europe. You see the Black Sea on the west, Russia on the north, Turkey and Armenia on the south, and Azerbaijan on the southeast. The many benefits that Georgia offers to international students make it one of the most popular places to study MBBS in Europe. The Georgian people have deeply rooted roots in history; their cultural heritage is equally old and rich. It was between the 10th and 13th centuries that a powerful Georgian kingdom reached its peak. In the 19th century, the Russian Empire annexed Georgia after long periods under the control of the Turks and Persians. 1921, Georgia became a part of the Soviet Union after being an independent state in 1918. The Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991 when Georgia became a constituent republic. A modernized and diversified Georgian economy developed during the Soviet period. Known as one of the most independent-minded republics, Georgia declared sovereignty and independence on November 19, 1989, and April 9, 1991.

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

There is no doubt that studying Medicine in Georgia has the highest percentage of literacy in the world and is the best place in the world for studying medicine. Students who are interested in studying MBBS in Georgia should take a closer look at the medical universities in Georgia. Medical schools in Georgia have a very simple admission process and are very easy to enrol in. Admission is determined based on the marks obtained in the 12th grade. Once you have obtained your MBBS from Georgia, you can take a screening test to become licensed to practice medicine. It's the American Curriculum, covering both the European and American Curriculum of Education. It's one of the most promising countries to pursue MBBS in Georgia for Indian students. In comparison with other foreign countries, Georgia's medical universities and colleges offer high-quality education at a lower cost. They provide students with top-of-the-line facilities and infrastructure.

The medical universities of Georgia offer high standards of infrastructure and education and are recognized worldwide. The Georgian universities are accredited by the Medical Council of Georgia and the World Health Organization. Students who completed their Medical degree in Georgia are eligible for work anywhere in the world. When it comes to quality education, Medicine in Georgia has some of the best medical universities in the world. Studying MBBS in Georgia is, therefore, a popular choice among students from all around the world. There are several universities in Georgia offering both European and American modes of study.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding admission requirements to pursue MBBS in Georgia . It is one of the best countries for Indian students. Medicine in Georgia is an excellent choice for middle-class families who have abandoned plans to study medicine abroad due to the high fees.

MBBS in Georgia - Fees , Eligibility, Admission Procedure

Name of the Course MBBS/ MD
Program Level Under Graduate
Name of the Country Georgia
Eligibility Criteria First Class and Above
NEET Mandatory
Duration of the Course 5 or 6 Years
MCAT Not Required
SAT's, IELTS, TOEFL Not Required
Mode of Teaching English
Average Course Fee 3 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs per Year
Cost of Living in Georgia 10,000 to 15,000 Per Month
Official Site US Medico

Innovative Teaching and Learning Methodologies

A relatively low cost and high quality of living allow Georgia to offer a pleasant standard of living for Indian students. Approximately 10,000 to 15,000 per month is spent on food and living expenses. Furthermore, admission to Georgian MBBS Universities is not based on a donation. The best universities in Georgia are now offering MBBS courses at low prices for Indian students.

The country of Georgia is extremely safe, with an extreme number of women. Students from India do not need to worry about crime in Georgia and may travel freely on public transportation - buses, trains, or cabs. Georgia's population practices Christianity and believes in God to the tune of approximately 80 per cent. Additionally, the people of Georgia are very accepting of cultural differences and religious beliefs.

It is the ultimate dream of every student to study MBBS in Europe and settle down there. As a result, the MBBS fee in Georgia is relatively low, and the quality of education in Georgia is excellent. It is for this reason that Georgia has become one of the most famous destinations in Europe for obtaining medical degrees. Several Indian students have taken advantage of this by enrolling there. Therefore, students prefer studying medicine in Georgia to studying elsewhere.

When compared with private medical schools in India, Georgia universities offer a much better educational experience. Students are taught to hone their practical skills at Georgia universities. They are also provided with modern medical equipment. High-quality medical education is taught in Georgia's universities according to WHO guidelines. Studying at a top-rated MBBS University in Georgia will thus help the students succeed in their medical careers.

It is much cheaper to study MBBS in Georgia than to go to a private medical school in India. Moreover, Indian medical schools provide little or no practical training. Therefore, it makes no sense to pay a large donation to Indian medical schools.

Georgia has an easy application process to get into MBBS universities compared to India. The admission process does not require an entrance exam. Admission to MBBS in Georgia is also available for students with an aggregation of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Since the universities are largely concerned with skill-building, as long as the students are interested in the field of medicine and are familiar with the concepts, they can fit right in.

Top Universities in Georgia

Some of the top universities to pursue MBBS in Georgia are:

Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
New Vision University, Georgia
East European University
Georgian American University
Georgian National University

MBBS in Georgia - Syllabus

Students receive all the information needed to educate themselves through a syllabus. While they are studying, students study outlines on paper that outline their course of study. According to the school authorities, a student's knowledge and information are determined by the curriculum he or she is assigned. Hence, syllabuses are extremely important.

During a single academic session, a syllabus is composed of all the topics, ideas, and concepts the student learns. During the final exams, the syllabus helps evaluate the students' skills and understanding.

Teachers provide students with their syllabuses so that they have everything they will be taught in their course. Medical students gain knowledge more quickly due to the systematic approach to teaching at educational institutions. It is through planning courses that students further their knowledge.

The syllabus section of the US Medico website offers a concise overview of the topics covered in Medicine in Georgia , allowing students to better understand the course outline. It is essential that you review both the syllabus and this section before registering for the course.

1st Year

  1. Medical Genetics
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Anatomy
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Molecular Biology
  6. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
  7. History of Medicine
  8. Clinical & Professional Skills II

2nd Year

  1. Biophysics
  2. Immunology
  3. Introduction to Public Health
  4. Haematology
  5. Clinical and Professional Skills III
  6. Endocrine
  7. Renal and Reproductive Systems
  8. Nanomedicine, Philosophy

3rd Year

  1. Pharmacology
  2. Pathology
  3. Neuroanatomy
  4. Neurophysiology
  5. Physical Diagnosis
  6. Clinical Skills
  7. Medical Management
  8. Behavioural Medicine
  9. Introduction to Clinical Diagnostics II

4th Year

  1. Pulmonology
  2. Nephrology
  3. Urology
  4. Internal Medicine Clerkship
  5. General Surgery
  6. System Biology
  7. Hepatology
  8. Family Medicine
  9. Clinical Radiology
  10. Laboratory Medicine

5th Year

  1. Dermatology
  2. Stomatology
  3. Ophthalmology
  4. Internal Medicine
  5. Emergency Medicine
  6. Infectious Diseases
  7. Rehabilitation Medicine
  8. Forensic Medicine
  9. Medical Toxicology
  10. Clinical Immunology

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Georgia

  1. Ease of admission to universities recognized by MCI
  2. With 100% approval of visas
  3. Exceptional educational facilities with practical training
  4. Accessible Indian cuisine
  5. While studying in a safe and peaceful environment
  6. Surrounded by a collaborative and supportive faculty member
  7. The course is taught in English for international students
  8. Opportunities to work in medicine are abundant in this country
  9. Doctors can also pursue postgraduate and doctoral degrees
  10. Low tuition fees at medical universities


To get a deeper understanding of Georgia, students studying there will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of cultural, social, and educational activities that will allow them to meet new people and grow as individuals. Among the many benefits of studying in Georgia is the chance to learn about the history of the country. Students who study or who are willing to study, as well as their experience as a testimony to the education they have acquired, have more value than the education they have obtained. These students are greatly influenced by the culture and greatly value their stay. Considering that Georgia was founded on the belief that anyone with the right mind-set can achieve anything they desire, it should not come as a surprise that the people of Georgia seem free of self-doubt and negativity. For students, this means being friendly and welcoming to them and helping them settle in. Nearly 200 different nationalities make up the population of Georgia, and the nation has learned to accept and celebrate this diversity. It is also a chance to make new friends from around the world, in addition to the Georgians.

In our list of the top reasons for studying Medicine in Georgia , we found that positive attitudes and tolerance are key factors contributing to students' positive experience in Georgia. If you move to Georgia to study medicine, you will put your best effort into receiving a quality education. The high standard of education in Georgia is one of our top ten reasons for choosing to move there. MBBS students in Georgia can choose from public and private universities that follow the British curriculum. Whichever decision you make, you can be certain that the medicine provided in Georgia is of the highest quality and internationally recognized. Those who are interested in furthering their education in Georgia can choose from a number of world-renowned colleges and universities.


A major aspect of the Georgia Medical System is exposure to non-invasive treatments. The experience of undergoing a procedure in India is often accompanied by medical confusion and haste. Students in Georgia, on the other hand, learn anatomy on a research basis, which allows them to be knowledgeable about the newest treatment approaches, while physicians endeavour to treat patients without surgery. In addition to educational benefits, the experience will boost the confidence of students who are about to be medical students or doctors as they will have contact with live/real patients during their education. The importance of interaction in learning cannot be overstated. An Indian student studying MBBS in Georgia will be able to benefit from the professional expertise of professionals and put it to use during the internship, making them more knowledgeable and capable of managing medical practices.

Students' time during clinical rotations should be viewed as an "invincible" resource that may be used to engage in other activities that might be valuable, such as providing support to patients or receiving information that will help them choose appropriate treatments for the patient. Graduates of the MBBS from Georgia have an open-minded attitude toward medicine within a clinical setting that may be geared towards efficiency. By combining informed analysis with inquiry and problem-solving, this approach can best serve the interests of patients. Students benefit from practical exposure and direct contact with health professionals and the healthcare system, as well as gaining insight into the perspective of the patients, which enables them to come up with new ideas and transfer skills they have gained in their studies and clinical training.

Medical Degree Value

Georgian doctors and students can practice all over the world after earning a medical degree in Georgia. This is true, and one reason why Georgian medicine is among the best in the world. In the course of studying at this level, Indian students will have a positive influence on their future generations, careers, and reputations as doctors following the approval of this licence by many authorities. Students who complete their MBBS in Georgia have access to a wide range of career prospects and opportunities. After graduating from medical school in Georgia, students can practise medicine anywhere in the world. The students can continue their medical practice in Georgia after they graduate from medical school in India. Whether they choose to pursue their medical practice in Georgia or India is up to the students. Health care facilities both public and private will employ graduates with Georgia medical degrees. Further education can be pursued by those who wish to specialize. Georgia's medical schools offer the highest levels of education anywhere in the world, and its medical graduates are among the best in the world.

Admission Process to study MBBS in Georgia

  1. To succeed in MBBS in Georgia , aspiring students need to create a plan of action to ensure a seamless admission process.
  2. US Medico Consultancy has been providing overseas educational consultancy services for the past 23 years. We combine sincerely with dedication in our tag line, best. Our experts provide students with complete guidance for getting into MBBS in Georgia.
  3. Our goal has always been to provide an education for our students that provides quality in studying MBBS in Georgia
  4. Reaching our US Medico consultancy, you'll be able to obtain information on how to gain acceptance into the top Georgian universities to study MBBS in Georgia
  5. For Indian medical students who are aspiring to become doctors, Georgia is one of the most attractive countries for them. Studying MBBS in Georgia will give the students to have access to one of the cleanest and crime-free countries. US Medico specializes in making sure your admission and visa processes are as smooth as possible

Documents Needed to Apply for MBBS in Georgia

Some documents are required to be yielded by students applying to study Medicine in Georgia . To apply for an MBBS in Georgia, you will require subsequent documentation.

  1. Passport Photos
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Matriculation
  5. Intermediate Marks Sheets
  6. Police Clearance Certificate
  7. Bank Statement
  8. TC
  9. University Acceptance Letter
  10. Fee receipt of the University
  11. Address Proof
  12. Identity Proof
  13. NEET Mark Sheet
  14. Visa
  15. Checklist of Documents Required for Georgia Visa Appointment./li>

Visa Documents to apply for MBBS in Georgia

A valid Visa Appointment is required to complete the MBBS application process in Georgia. The following is a list of the documents that are to be filled out to receive a Visa Appointment for studying MBBS in Georgia.

  1. Passport Size Photo, 80% face (White Background)
  2. Passport- Original (Should be brought by student)
  3. Passport Copies (Front and Back)
  4. 12th Marksheet (Apostille)- Original/ Copy (Front and Back)
  5. School Leaving/ Passing Certificate-Copy
  6. NEET Score Card-Copy
  7. Bank Statement-Original
  8. Sponsorship Letter- Original
  9. Tuition Fee Receipt
  10. Admission Letter
  11. Invitation
  12. Insurance
  13. Accommodation (Hostel Letter)
  14. EQE-Recognition
  15. Visa Application
  16. E-Application
  17. Flight Ticket
  18. Copy of VFS Appointment Letter

MBBS in Georgia FAQs

1. Is it safe to live in Georgia?
Georgia is a very safe country to live in. The crime rate is negligible. People are very friendly.

2. Is Georgia's MBBS program recognized in India?
If you get into an MCI approved medical school, your scholarship is 100% valid. There are 2 requirements if you want to start practising in India:

  • You should finish a 1-year internship in India.
  • Clear the medical council of India's exam after arriving in India and start practising.

3. Is NEET required to study MBBS in Georgia?
Yes, NEET is required to study MBBS in Georgia.

4. What are the career options after MBBS in Georgia?
You can start practising in Georgia itself. You can also complete PG in other countries like the USA, Germany, etc.

5. How many years of MBBS in Georgia?
The total duration for MBBS in Georgia is 6 years 5 years+1 year of internship.

6.How can I start applying to universities to pursue my MBBS in Georgia?
To study MBBS Degree in Georgia students seeking professional guidance on how to apply to the top Georgia universities are encouraged to contact our US Medico Consultancy to qualify for admission. Get the complete guide you need for your MBBS admission in Georgia today by reaching out to US Medico Consultants to see yourself as a successful doctor from Georgia's best MBBS institutions