It doesn’t matter which country you belong to. You can apply for PG Medicine in Germany. Our services are open to candidates from the Indian sub-continent, middle-east and the far-east. Our preparatory program is flexible enough to cater to your particular situation and guide you towards your aim of PG course in Germany. We employ the most relevant training methodology to ensure that you are able to obtain your dream positions in PG Medicine and PG in Surgery.

We have enrolled and placed doctors from India, South Korea, The Philippines,Iraq, Myanmar, UAE etc. Post Graduation courses after MBBS is always a matter of worry among doctors in India and rest of the world as the number of places available are woefully less than the total number of Applicants.

In this scenario the option to get admissions in PG Medicine and PG Surgery courses in Germany is a life changing opportunity for young doctors. Our expert counselling will help you understand your options and our Prepratory program(PGMP) will prepare you to tackle all challenges in your journey towards a PG Medicine or PG Surgery course in Germany.

We enjoy 100% visa and PG placement success record for the past 6 years. Our candidates have obtained PG Medicine or PG Surgery training positions in Germany in various highly competitive branches like Interventional Radiology, Plastic Surgery, CT Surgery, Cardiology and many more. 100% of our candidates sit for the equivalence exam and obtain Approbation before applying for training positions in hospitals.

If you are a young, hardworking and self-motivated medical doctor who aspires to train as a Medical Specialist in Germany, we warmly welcome you into our fold and will nurture you to achieve your dream, with us, you will see your dream grow wings.

PG in Germany

  1. MS/MD Program after MBBS
  2. Glimpse about Germany
  3. Population- 82,800,000 (2017-estimates)
  4. Capital City- Berlin
  5. Languages-German
  6. Religions- Christianity, Irreligion, Islam and Others
  7. Currency- Euro