Pre Departure Briefing

US Medico Consultants organizes Pre-Departure sessions / get together for students before they depart. We believe this is one of the most important sessions in the whole process. We get the opportunity to share with students about their new destination, the new culture they are going to handle, about the institution that they are enrolling for and also make them conscious of Do's and Don'ts while they prove themselves in an exclusive new environment. The aforementioned not only enables them to get more confidence but also adjust better in the organisation and therefore has better performance in the programs of study.
The Pre-Departure Orientation is an essential step in guaranteeing a successful experience in the study abroad program. It allows students to understand many realities of future life. Student gets details about their study designations, life abroad and expectations that they have in their mind. Another important thing is that they get is information about travel, logistics, health and safety issues, lodging and meals, standards of conduct, travel insurance and more. Students also get an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns they may have about their future in a foreign land.
In addition to providing logistical information, the Pre-Departure briefing helps students set realistic expectations and aims. It also provides students and parents to ask inquiries to clear their doubts. The goal of this orientation is to help and introduce students to the new city, country, host family, and classmates. Pre-Departure orientation at US Medico Consultants is intended to help students successfully transit to a new culture by giving them important information.
Our Pre-departure seminars are the most trustworthy ways to get complete knowledge, guidance and experiences about abroad before you fly. These briefings endeavour to prepare every student adequately for the environment he/she is going to get exposed to when attending university overseas.