MBBS in North-America

MBBS in North America

This information is for students who feel unsure about whether studying MBBS in North America will help them become doctors. In addition to our 23 years of experience overseas, our US Medico team can assure students that there are unique opportunities for international students to study MBBS in North America . Moreover, we make it a point to make sure our students remain committed to their studies, so they are more likely to become qualified physicians. MBBS in North America would be the best choice if you want to study abroad. The number of candidates who complete MBBS in North America has increased year over year. North America is a popular destination for medical students from all over the world because of its good environment, excellent education system, and outstanding medical universities. North American medical schools offer four-year MBBS programs. MBBS in North America costs vary from country to country but are still affordable compared with other countries. Despite this, a number of top universities in North America offer scholarships to outstanding international medical students to encourage and support Indian students. It is possible to practice in India after graduating from MBBS programs in North America. However, you must be cleared by the NMC.

It is almost certain that students studying in North America or the Caribbean islands will settle in North America as licensed physicians. This is the major reason why North America and the Caribbean islands have attracted the vast majority of Indian students. Caribbean Medical Education study MBBS in North America has the advantage of offering students the chance to do clinical rotations in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. Studying MBBS in North America offers students the lowest tuition fees. If you are studying for your MBBS in North America, you will follow a curriculum that is based entirely on the USMLE. If you are a student interested in studying MBBS in North America, we recommend that you read this entire article from beginning to end so that you can gain a more thorough understanding of the advantages of studying MBBS in North America .

MBBS in North America - Overview

Name of the Course MD
Program Level UG/MBBS
Name of the Country North America
Eligibility Criteria Intermediate in First Class
NEET Required
Duration of the Course 5/6 years
Mode of Teaching English
Average Course Fee 8 Lakhs-15 Lakhs Per Year
Cost of Living in Kazakhstan 250 Dollars per month
Universities Recognition MCI, NMC, ECFMG, MCC, IMED, CAAM-HPA
Official Site US Medico

Why MBBS in North America?

In North America, medicine is one of the most prestigious and highly valued professions around the world. As a result of this degree program, students will be more likely to be given preference when it comes to choosing careers. Medical universities in North America provide excellent medical education and have earned a great reputation among the medical community. Universities provide students with an abundance of facilities. MBBS in North America can offer a variety of career opportunities as well as the opportunity to develop personally. It is an open field of study to anyone interested. Even though the country is a superpower, there are many traditional and new-age career options available in it. As the safest place in the world to study, North America features the lowest crime rate in the world and a high standard of living. This means there are more Indian students in North America than in India, which improves the quality of life. The medical colleges in the United States offer some of the most advanced technology for teaching.

These technologies help students remain engaged and interested in their studies. American medical schools offer MBBS programs equivalent to Indian programs. A similar program exists in North America, known as MD (Doctor of Medicine). Medical schools in the U.S. are highly renowned globally. It is advised that medical aspirants take pre-medical courses before applying to the Top Medical Universities in America for the MD/MBBS program. Many of the top MBBS programs in the US are provided by renowned universities. It also offers quality healthcare at affordable prices thanks to its strong healthcare system. Furthermore, MBBS in North America is known for its high-quality employment opportunities. After graduating, students have several career opportunities available to them. Students in North America who work full-time while they study and those who are studying MBBS generally receive low tuition rates.

Advantages of studying MBBS in North America

  1. It is advantageous to study medicine in North America. It gives you the opportunity to participate in the cutting-edge of medical research, one of the main advantages.
  2. Students who are interested in studying medicine in North America can choose from a variety of medical schools.
  3. Apart from offering one of the best healthcare systems in the world, the North American healthcare system is a lot more flexible than similar systems in India.
  4. Studying MBBS in North America allows students to take American medical courses while studying in the United States. There are a lot of Indian students who take advantage of the program to pursue a better life abroad.
  5. MBBS in North America is a very popular program that has helped thousands of Indian students do what they have always wanted to do -- study abroad. Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals are many Indians who have pursued careers in medicine.
  6. There are several high-end medical schools in the United States, which emphasize both in-depth theoretical knowledge and substantial hands-on experience in their MBBS programs. Our company, US Medico Consultants, provides internationally-recognized degrees from reputable schools and colleges in North America.
  7. With our professional counselling services, we may be able to assist you in enrolling in one of the finest universities or colleges offering MBBS in North America for Indian students. Become as knowledgeable as you can about MBBS in North America so you can make the most of your career.

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Benefits of studying MBBS in North America

  1. There is an increasing demand for doctors from the United States and their expertise is highly regarded and acknowledged across the globe.
  2. There is not much complexity to the application process for studying MBBS in North America .
  3. MBBS programs at North American universities are taught entirely in English, so language difficulties are not encountered by Indian students.
  4. MBBS/MD candidates from other countries can sometimes encounter a language barrier as a result of the difference in local languages. However, North American medical education is of a high standard.
  5. MBBS/MD in North America are the best choice for those who are learning to become doctors
  6. MBBS in North America is an excellent option because medical degrees are recognized internationally.
  7. As an added benefit, almost all of the MBBS colleges in North America enjoy outstanding international reputations.
  8. To gain admission to an MBBS in North America , a student is not required to pay any additional donation fees.
  9. While there are reasonable MBBS fees in North America than in other international countries, Indians are able to work part-time while studying medicine in the country, making it easier for the country to admit Indian students.
  10. Several of the top medical schools in the United States are offering scholarships to international students.
  11. With scholarships that are exclusively based on merit, Indian students can drastically reduce the cost of their education.
  12. Being able to study MBBS in North America is simply a big relief for international students, as they are in a very safe environment.
  13. The United States is home to some of the most famous personalities in medicine, which means that students enrolled in an MBBS program will be able to interact with them.
  14. Students aspiring to become doctors can gain extensive exposure to the MBBS program in North America.
  15. Students completing their MBBS programs at top medical schools in the US are eligible for stipends and this is true from the beginning of their MBBS program.
  16. Students who study MBBS in North America will find the campus as well as the surrounding environment friendly.
  17. Since you are studying medicine in the United States and planning to practice medicine in India, you are not required to take the NMC Screening Test, which is a great advantage.
  18. It will be a great experience for Indian students in North America to find many fellow Indian students.
  19. Since employers in India always prefer students with foreign degrees, taking an MBBS in North America would be of benefit in this regard.
  20. In the USA MBBS program, there is a great deal of cross-cultural interaction between the students, since students choose to study here from all over the world.
  21. In North America, there are plenty of options for accommodation for Indian students during their MBBS Admission, so it is not difficult to find a place to stay during their time in the country.

Food and Accommodation

Hotels and motels are the two types of accommodations found in North America. Many universities have hostels and dorms on campus. Numerous residence halls at the university are stocked with comfortable furnishings. Recreational and dining facilities are easily accessible from residence halls. It is easy for students to get to class and find their way around without worrying about getting lost.

As an alternative to staying on campus, you can also rent an apartment near the university of your choice. Most student housing includes well-furnished apartments and buildings that are suitable for students as well as student discounts. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to sample the diverse restaurants and street foods in North America.

With MBBS in North America , parents will be able to fulfil their dream through their children's education, which can be completed within a reasonable time frame. In the same way, parents are the same way, as their children might leave the house and stay there until the course is satisfactory. In both cases, the food is paramount to the overall experience. Children's nutrition is certainly a concern for their parents, who want to know how to get used to North American country foods. We assure our students and parents that you can eat Indian food on our campus at any time.

During their stay abroad, US Medico makes sure that students between 17 and 18 years old will not feel homesick and will feel comfortable so that they get the most out of their time abroad. Our promoting universities have Indian mess facilities or have partnered with Indian mess facilities catering to different states, for instance, South Indian and North Indian mess facilities. We provide wardens to facilitate communication with parents so that students will have a stress-free experience while studying abroad.

International American University College of Medicine

The International American University offers a medical curriculum comparable to that offered at US medical schools and is designed to prepare students for practicing medicine in the United States and Canada. St. Lucia is the campus of IAU where basic sciences courses are taught. During their clinical training, students will have the opportunity to complete their clinical training at sites accredited by the ACGME on our clinical campus in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Every student is a member of a lively community where they will be guided in the classroom by a team of exceptional faculty members who will inspire new ideas and support ambitious goals. By participating in community and other organizations around St. Lucia, students will have many opportunities to learn beyond campus.


Students participating in activities in North America will get the chance to meet new people and develop as individuals, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the language. In addition to many other benefits, studying MBBS in North America gives you the opportunity to acquire knowledge of its history. The value of knowledge gained through an experience far outweighs the value of knowledge gained through education. The value of a student who is willing to learn or learn while completing their experiences is higher than that of someone with only formal education. The culture in which students study abroad influences them profoundly, and they hold the experience in high esteem. Since people in North America were founded on the philosophy that those with a positive attitude can succeed, it is no surprise that they do not struggle with self-doubt or negativity. When students are adjusting to a new environment, it is crucial to provide friendly and welcoming service. In addition to making new friends from all over the world while studying MBBS in North America , there are several other benefits.

We determined that students' positive attitudes and tolerance are the most important factors for positive experiences in studying medicine in North America. In the event that you decide to move to North America, you will do your best to get a top-notch medical education. North America's higher education standards are one of the top ten reasons we moved here. You will always receive medicine of the highest quality and be recognized around the globe no matter which method you choose. In the United States, students can pursue higher education at a number of prestigious colleges and universities.


Medical treatment that is noninvasive plays a significant role in the North American medical system. The medical care received by Indians is often seen as a confusing and hurried process. During medical school in the United States, students are taught anatomy through research-based instruction, while doctors avoid surgery as much as possible to build expertise in the most current techniques. As part of their training, prospective medical professionals will become acquainted with real/live patients. This will help them to become more confident as they pursue a career in medicine. Establishing a solid foundation for a career in medicine starts with this type of interaction. By leveraging the experience and expertise of North American medical professionals, medical students in India can gain new knowledge and skills that can be applied to their clinical practice.

Students can gain valuable experience through rotations in the clinic as they may be able to assist patients or gain more knowledge of their treatments. Thus, students who graduate from their MBBS programs in North America are known for their open-minded attitude toward medicine as well as for being efficiency-conscious in practice. In order to provide patients with the best service, an in-depth investigation, a comprehensive analysis, and an ongoing commitment to finding a solution is essential. Direct exposure to and contact with healthcare professionals and systems enables students to gain insight into the perspectives of patients and apply the skills gained through clinical training and study.

Medical Degree Value

As soon as the graduates earn their medical degrees, they can practice anywhere in the world. North American medicine is of a higher quality than that of other countries. Because of their medical licenses, Indian students will be able to have a positive effect on their careers, their future generations, and their reputation as doctors as a result of studying at the postgraduate level. Following completion of an MBBS program in North America, numerous career opportunities become available. A student graduating from a North American medical school can practise medicine anywhere in the world. Clinics in the public and private sectors will hire more North American medical graduates in the coming years. Graduates have the option of specializing in one of several specialties of medicine.

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Eligibility Criteria to study MBBS in North America

There are some requirements that are needed to be fulfilled by students who are planning to study MBBS in North America . Here are those requirements:

  1. In order to apply for this program, students should have completed their 10+2
  2. Biology, physics, and chemistry should be included in high school courses.
  3. Admission is contingent on applicants meeting the age requirement of 17 by the 31st of December of the year of admission.
  4. A minimum of 50% in the HSC board examinations has to be achieved by applicants from recognized boards.

Documents Needed to Apply for MBBS in North America

Students who are applying to study MBBS in North America are required to submit certain documents. Following your application for MBBS, you will need to submit additional documentation.

  1. Passport Photos
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Matriculation
  5. Intermediate Marks Sheets
  6. Police Clearance Certificate
  7. Bank Statement
  8. TC
  9. University Acceptance Letter
  10. Fee receipt from the University
  11. Address Proof
  12. Identity Proof
  13. NEET Mark Sheet
  14. Visa

Checklist of Documents Required for North America Visa Appointment

An appointment for a valid visa is essential for the completion of the MBBS application process in North America. Below is a list of the documents needed for obtaining a Visa Appointment while studying medicine in North America.

  1. Passport Size Photo, 80% face (White Background)
  2. Passport- Original (Should be brought by student)
  3. Passport Copies (Front and Back)
  4. 12th Marksheet (Apostille)- Original/ Copy (Front and Back)
  5. School Leaving/ Passing Certificate-Copy
  6. NEET Score Card-Copy
  7. Bank Statement-Original
  8. Sponsorship Letter- Original
  9. Tuition Fee Receipt
  10. Admission Letter
  11. Invitation
  12. Insurance
  13. Accommodation (Hostel Letter)
  14. EQE-Recognition
  15. Visa Application
  16. E-Application
  17. Flight Ticket
  18. Copy of VFS Appointment Letter

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MBBS in North America – FAQs

1. Can I do MBBS in North America without NEET?
A scorecard from the NEET is required for admission to MBBS in North America

2. Does the North American MBBS program work in India?
Anyone who has completed their MBBS in North America is certainly eligible to apply here in India.

3. Does the university have on-campus housing?
Students are typically provided with accommodation on campus by most universities. If students are not provided with an apartment or if they don't know where to find one, they can choose from many rental apartments.

4. Is it possible to work anywhere else after graduation from the program of MBBS in North America other than the United States?
In North America, there are a number of universities that are internationally recognized, and students from these school’s work in many different places around the world.

5. Could you tell me how I can get all the support I need to apply for MBBS in North America?
With US Medico, you can get your MBBS admission in North America done quickly and successfully. Apart from Hyderabad, our offices are also located in Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, and Tirupati .

Hence, it is our hope that this article helped our students develop an understanding of what the quality of education that is MBBS in North America is like, along with the advantages that come along with studying MBBS in North America . During your MBBS in North America course, you can also get many advantages from US Medico Consultants.

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