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MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe. The area covered by Ukraine is the largest in entire Europe. Ukraine has long been a global breadbasket because of its extensive, fertile farmlands and is one of the world's largest grain exporters. The diversified economy of Ukraine includes a large heavy industry sector, particularly in aerospace and industrial equipment.


The climate is influenced by moderately warm, humid air coming from the Atlantic Ocean. Average annual temperatures range from 5.5ā 7 Ā°C. In Soviet times, the economy of Ukraine was the second largest in the Soviet Union, being an important industrial and agricultural component of the country's planned economy.


According to the constitution, the state language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. Russian is widely spoken, especially in eastern and southern Ukraine.


According to the Ukrainian constitution, access to free education is granted to all citizens. Complete general secondary education is compulsory in the state schools which constitute the overwhelming majority.

Why study medicine in Ukraine?

  1. Most of international students are attracted by Ukrainian universities because of several reasons such as:
  2. Possibility of studying in English or French
  3. Low tuition fees and living cost.
  4. Multicultural environment enriching and expanding student life and sense of life.
  5. Good quality of education.

Benefits of studying Medicine in Ukraine:

For MBBS applicants who want to study MBBS abroad or in any nearby country, we suggest you Ukraine because it's the best for the medical studies. Education here is the best and very much affordable, country is great to live, people are friendly, climate is good, Asian/Indian food is available, and teachers are friendly to the students. All the Medical Universities are recognized all over the world by WHO.

Study medicine abroad in Ukraine is one of the cheapest options in Europe and beyond. For medical programs in English, tuition fees vary from 2600 to 3700 Euros/year. Fee may vary from one university or the other but the change wouldn't be drastic. One great thing is no entrance examinations or alternatively, preparation to entrance examinations needed for admission into universities.

Top Universities in Ukraine: