Jiangxi Medical University

JIANGXI UNIVERSITY of Traditional Chinese Medicine (JUTCM) is founded in 1959 and Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province. China since its foundation, the university has been dedicated to the cultivation of students with practical and innovative talents which meet the needs of social progress and TcM development. The university's academic approach has shown advantages in terms of the schooling paradigm in which the education of Chinese medicine is coordinated with the development of multiple discipline and demonstrates the unique integration of industry, teaching and scientific research and in this way the university is made a hub for Chinese medical education, therapeutic care and scientific research in Jiangxi Province.

There are currently over 11,000 full-time students enrolled for different disciplines and academic levels. There are 15 teaching institutes including College of Pre-clinical Medicine, College of Clinical Medicine, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Computer Science, College of Humanities, College of Economics and Management, College of Life Sciences, Department of Physical Education, Graduate School, International Education College, College of Adult Education, College of Science and Technology and College of Higher Vocational Technology. There are 2 directly attached hospitals and 8 non-directly attached hospitals.

The university library is home to 1,102,800 copies (hardcopy) of books and 557,800 electronic books. The University’s grand library rivals the main building as the most memorable sight on campus. This 10-story library demonstrates a tradition and excellence in education as it is home to over eight hundred and twenty thousand (820,000) books and printed materials which include numerous English medical books and periodicals. The scholarly air is produced by a wealth of academic endeavors and complemented by a diverse array of other facilities that include: the main and auxiliary reading rooms, reference rooms, journal and periodical rooms, photocopy rooms, storage rooms for rare books, seminar facilities, internet services and student lounges.

Jiangxi Provincial Hospital of TCM, the directly affiliated hospital of the university, is a comprehensive Third-Level First Class TCM hospital, integrating the functions of medical treatment ,teaching, scientific research and preventive health care and rehabilitation. The hospital now has 1600 beds for patients, 5 clinical key TCM specialty programs approved by State Ministry of Health, 3 key disciplines approved by State Administration of TCM, 12 key specialty construction programs approved by State Administration of TCM. And the research of thermo-sensitive pattern and scientific basis on moxibustion therapy, which is listed in “973 Program” (National Basic Research Program of China), has made a breakthrough in “973 Program” for Jiangxi provincial medical circle.

TUITION FEE (PER YEAR)(RMB / Chinese Yuan / Chinese Yuan) 32000/21000
FOOD & ACC (PER YR)(AprxINR) 1,20,000
Requirements Marks Sheets of 10th and 12th, Valid Passport, Healthy and Non-Criminal Record, Application and Photos.


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