Why Philippines is the finest country for MBBS education

top country for mbbs abroad in philippines

Why Philippines is the finest country for MBBS education

Do you have a dream to study MBBS in the top universities of Philippines? Realize your dreams of studying in prestigious Philippines universities at very low-cost now with U.S. Medico. We are your gateway to new beginnings. For most of the people budget is the point where they step back in selecting their destination for higher education. MBBS is not economical is most of the countries and particularly in Philippines where the literacy rate is very high, which is as high as 95.6%, with 95.1% for males and 96.1% for females. But, don’t worry! We got you all covered as we have information on which universities are offering MBBS at low-cost and are also in top 500.

Why only Philippines?

Few reasons most of the Indian students pick Philippines for pursuing their MBBS are:

  • Philippines government spends high on education and it is given utmost importance.
  • It has world’s best universities which are in top 500 and low cost MBBS in Philippines attracts many students from various countries.
  • Philippines are following US education system, and hence it opens up a number of prospects to make a career in English speaking countries such as USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc.
  • Medical colleges in Philippines give prominence on practical than on theory.
  • Philippines MBBS degree is recognized by MCI and hence you can carry out practice in India after finishing the MCI registration formalities.
  • Especially for Indian students, they will get highly paid jobs after pursuing their MBBS in Philippines.
  • Philippines have low-cost of living compared to many other countries where students pursue MBBS education. Beside this, the difference in Indian and Philippines currency is mere, hence Philippines is affordable.

Choose us:

U.S. Medico is the top consultancy for MBBS abroad in Philippines. We are linked with numerous universities and we know the changing trends and rankings of each university. We can suggest students, which are the best universities and what is the right course to pick at that point of time. One big advantage with Philippines universities is, they not only give training for medical practice, but also prepare their students for the MCI screening test. We know those universities who can do this and hence going with us will always benefit students.


We consider that Philippines is the right choice for studying MBBS and choose us as your study abroad consultancy, as we are best consultancy for MBBS abroad in Philippines. We guarantee that our support and guidance will make you proceed with great purpose and succeed in your future endeavors.

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