Get MBBS admission in abroad choosing the best consultants


Get MBBS admission in abroad choosing the best consultants

MBBS admission in abroad in not an easy task to achieve if you do not choose the right consultant like US Medico. We are the finest MBBS consultancy in Guntur right now and can help you realize your abroad MBBS dreams easily. Our counselors are highly skillful and have extensive experience in guiding students for their medical education abroad. After understanding your individual profile, interests and the present market scenario, we help students to make the best career choices. You may be inundated with articles to read and things to do but can you rely on them and take decision. So, you require experts like US Medico for guiding your career properly in the right direction and choose us because we are the top MBBS consultancy in Guntur.

Who choose us?

Students choose US Medico, the best study MBBS abroad consultants in Guntur because of so many reasons such as:

Free career counselling:

US Medico Consultants provides free career counseling to students and parents via call or personal meeting at our Hyderabad, other branch offices.

Admission Guidelines:

After free career and admission guidelines to select the right course, university and country about the grades, location, budget, etc. We guide and provide information to students and parents during the crucial fold of their wards life in achieving career goals and personality enhancement in this competitive and busy world.

Visa Assistance:

High visa success rate of US Medico helped numerous Indian students to enter varied universities across the globe every year. Till now, we have assisted 5000+ students to pursue their dream of studying abroad.

Pre-departure Briefing:

US Medico consultants organizes pre-departure sessions/get together for students before they depart because we feel this is one of the most important sessions in the whole process.

Post Admission Assistance:

US Medico takes care of you every student who is going to abroad. Once you have landed abroad, our counselors, many with firsthand experience, will help you choose the best option out of our tried & tested resources with regards to airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions, part-time jobs etc.


So, these are some of the vital services which are very important, and US Medico does this to perfection. Being the best study MBBS abroad consultants in Guntur, we have set new standards in making students realize their dreams. So, get to the best MBBS admission consultants in Guntur now and get assistance to study MBBS in top universities with ease. Contact us on +91 8008000415, +91 9246178801.

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