Pursue MBBS in Georgia’s finest Universities

Pursue MBBS in Georgia

Pursue MBBS in Georgia’s finest Universities

In the middle of Europe, Georgia lies at the intersection of Asia and Eastern Europe. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. The terrain is mostly mountainous, so there is a breathtaking ecosystem. We at US Medico have got you covered if you are considering MBBS in Georgia. A number of our students have already made their way to Georgia after completing their MBBS and are now settled in their new homes. With the experience of over 20+ years in this industry, we are no doubt the right abroad education consultancy that you are searching to reach abroad.

MBBS in Georgia

Did you know that Georgia has a 100% literacy rate, which makes it one of the best places in the world to study medicine? Yes. It’s true and the MBBS universities of Georgia are the finest and a good option for any student who wants to study MBBS abroad. The admission process seems simple if you go with a consultancy. To study MBBS in Georgia, get our help and we shall see to it that you get admission with ease.

Reasons to study MBBS in Georgia

  • There is no entrance exam to get admission into Georgian universities.
  • The MBBS universities of Georgia are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Students will get a chance to participate in international conferences and gain more knowledge.
  • Candidates with MBBS degrees can practice in India.
  • Guaranteed world-class education and outstanding tutors.
  • The cost of the complete course of MBBS in Georgia is comparatively lower than in other countries.
  • You will find a very friendly environment for all students.
  • In most hospitals, the infrastructure and the technology are excellent.

These are some of the top reasons for MBBS study in Georgia. The admission process in the Georgian Universities is so simple. With the help of US Medico, you can achieve even more as we have tie-ups with universities abroad and hence, we can assist students better in accomplishing their dream of abroad education.


There are many WHO recognized medical colleges in Georgia. We have seen that many students who wish to study MBBS in European countries are choosing Georgia as their study destination due to various reasons explained above. If you are looking for a consultancy that can meet your needs and help you complete your MBBS at a low cost, then US Medico can be the right partner. Call us on +91 8008000415, +91 9246178801.

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