Having been approved by the Ministry of Education, China Three Gorges University (CTGU) was founded on June 29, 2000, comprising the former Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering/Yichang and Hubei Sanxia University. Its development has been incorporated into the "Tenth five-Year Plan" and "Eleventh five-Year Plan" of Hubei Provincial Government. In 2009, Hubei Provincial Government and the Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China signed an agreement to co-build China Three Gorges University. 

China Three Gorges University consists of 26 colleges. There are 60 specialties for undergraduate students which cover 9 fields. There are two National Doctoral Programs in the first class disciplines, 20 Master Programs in the first class disciplines, 130 Master Programs in the secondary class disciplines, and 12 professional Master Programs. In recent years, it has been becoming a high-level comprehensive university with the hydroelectric feature.

By implementing the principle of placing students and moral education at the first, the university aims at training "high-quality, strong-ability, practical” students. So far, it has 21, 672 full-time undergraduates, 1,789 postgraduates, and 773 international students. And China Three Gorges University has 1940 full-time teachers, including 331 professors, 574 associate professors. 273 adjunct professors are appointed, including Robert A. Mundell--the Nobel Economics Prize winner in 1999, and 16 Chinese Academicians.           

The China Three Gorges University has 17 experimental teaching centers, including 7 provincial demonstration centers, and over 160 practical teaching bases. The China Three Gorges University library collects 2,420,000 paper books and 420,000 e-books. In recent five years, the university undertook 3836 scientific research projects, including over 220 national key research projects.

Carrying out the open educational policy, China Three Gorges University conducts exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad. It has successfully organized international or domestic symposiums and seminars over 200 times. Moreover, the China Three Gorges University has established relations with more than 80 universities in over 20 countries or regions.


Duration: 6 Years (includes last 1 year of complete Internship).

Medium of Instruction:English.

Beginning of session:September every year.

Curriculum:International MBBS Syllabus in accordance with Medical Council of India.


 Total area of CTGU: 252.5Hectares

Fixed Assets: 1.7 billion RMB

Buildings: 3 athletic fields, 1 stadium, 1 gymnasium, 1 library building, 5 student apartment compounds and dozens of other buildings. 

Number of students: 18,546 undergraduates, 1,640 postgraduates, 537 overseas students, 4,515 junior college students’ and more than 18,000 part‐time students.

 Number of staffs: 1,204 staffs and 1,790 teachers, including 240 professors, 623 associate professors and 22 foreign teachers.

Facilities: Grocery store, Supermarket, Restaurant, Gymnasium, Indoor Swimming pool, Library, Infirmary is on campus.

 Transportation: Bus stop is 20meters away from apartment; train and long‐distance bus station are 4 km away from China Three Gorges University, airport is 25 km away from China Three Gorges University, nearest hospital is 1 km away from China Three Gorges University.