Our Lady Fatima University

The Fatima College of Medicine is one of the Philippine's most distinguished centers for Medical Education. Constantly responding to the rapid changes in science, technology and the social environment, Fatima fulfils its commitment to produce competent, world class medical practitioners.

It strives to create the best environment for students to master the principles and theories of medicine and obtain sufficient knowledge and experience to launch into a successful practice.

It’s the first and only Philippine medical school to have an institutional clerkship program with a foreign hospital. In fact, the University has sent over 100 medical students for clerkship training at the Brooklyn Medical Centre and Peninsula Hospital in New York and Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago. Thus, creating career opportunities abroad for young men and women.

In it’s almost more than 40 years of existence, Fatima has graduated more than 30,000 medical and allied medical health practitioners from all disciplines.

Proof that makes Fatima a valuable contributor in the development of the medical and paramedical professions in the Philippines and abroad.

The Fatima College of Medicine is housed in five buildings where you'll find the school's lecture halls, seminar and conference rooms, research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, amphitheatre, library facilities with audio visual monitors, administrative offices of the departments and parking space.

The Our Lady Fatima University has the latest sophisticated medical laboratory equipment that meets the standards of the Board of Medical Education. Also, it has a computer laboratory equipped with internet access to facilitate research work and networking of all medical students. All these are put in place to ensure that students have all the necessary tools for learning within their reach.

The main campus is located in Valenzuela City, on the outskirt of Metropolitan Manila. Highly charged and steaming with activity, the main campus in Valenzuela City houses the College of Medicine Building and the Allied Medicine Bld (AMS) where the College of Dentistry is situated. Common areas are Wi-Fi accessible. Also situated in Valenzuela is the Fatima University Medical Centre that is a partner institution for the College of Medicine. 

Another cluster of Valenzuela Campus buildings are in the vicinity of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. This location houses the college of Hospitality and Institutional Management, College of Maritime and College of Business Administration among others. 

The population of foreign students exposes one to diverse cultures and likewise gives the community an international touch. 

The Valenzuela campus has easy access to downtown Manila and metro Quezon City. Bus and taxi commutes are easy and numerous. The metro train terminals (LRT: NW to SW and MRT: N to S) are only 15-25 minutes ride from campus. 

*Valenzuela Campus exclusively houses the Doctor of Medicine Program, Doctor of Dental Medicine and College of Maritime Studies.


  • New Innovation comes with new Outcome.
  • Based programs and the horizontal-vertical integration of basic subjects with clinical co-relation.
  • Balance of lecture hours and clinical hours where students are exposed to real cases.
  • Competency based with problem oriented approach.
  • Traditional didactic/ Laboratory sessions are retained.
  • Students are given time for each subject devoted to self-directed learning activities and discussions.


Accreditations and Achievements

  • Fully accredited by the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges
  • Listed in the World Health Organization Geneva Recognized Medical Schools
  • Fatima has an ongoing Clerkship Program with the Harbor Hospital in Baltimore and Jackson Park in Chicago, USA
  • Accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education
  • Accredited by the New York State Board of Education
  • Recognized by the California Quality Health Assurance
  • Competent Alumni placed in key hospitals in the Philippines and Abroad
  • Garnering top notch in the Physician's Licensure Examinations Philippines  

International Student Office

The International Student Office is responsible for the recruitment and welfare of international students and has a student’s adviser on its staff. The International Student Advisory Service provides support for international students and their families throughout their time in Our Lady of Fatima University. The service also functions as a resource centre where you can drop in for information and advice on issues such as accommodations, student visa, applications, academic problems, and life in the Philippines. 

This office ensures that transitioning into Our Lady Fatima University and the Philippines will be as smooth as possible. It will continue to provide support and the best services to guarantee a wonderful learning experience and, a second home in Our Lady Fatima University.

The International Student Office provides assistance to students as soon as they arrive in the Philippines and all throughout their stay in Our Lady of Fatima University.


An important aspect in University life is the choice of where to live. The office will immediately help the students in locating and choosing the right type of housing that would best suit their needs.

Information centre:

The International Student Office serves as an information hub that will be accommodating to the inquiries and concerns of the international students regarding academics, accommodation concerns, Philippine culture etc. 

BS MD Program:

Philippines has developed the education system, similar to the USA. Thus after High School (Grade 10) the students join a Bachelors Degree. Those who want to study Medicine does the Pre-Medicine in Bachelor of Science in Biology, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy or Physiotherapy. After which they sit for National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) exam then they enroll for 4 years medical course known as ‘Doctor of Medicine’ (MD). The MD degree awarded in USA / Philippines is equivalent to MBBS of UK / Commonwealth Countries. Philippines is the world's Second largest exporter of Physicians after India. 

Post Graduation Specialization:

1. Internal Medicine – 3yrs

2. Pediatrics – 3yrs

3. Radiology – 4yrs

4. General Surgery – 5 yrs

5. Emergency Medicine – 3yrs

6. Obstetrics & Gynecology – 4yrs

7. Anesthesia – 3 yrs

8. Orthopedics – 4 yrs

9. ENT -  4 yrs

10. Dermatology – 3 yrs

11. Clinical Pathology -4 yrs

12. Urology- 5 yrs