San Beda College:

Welcome toSan Beda College, an institution with more than a century old tradition of excellence, leadership and service to Philippine Society and the global community, through a unique kind of education that is essentially Benedictine in character and Christian in nature. At San Beda, we take pride of our thrust of academic excellence, and a way of community life that derives inspiration and guidance from the Benedictine virtues of prayer, work and peace.

At San Beda College, administrators, faculty, service personnel, students, parents and alumni pursue a mission of education, focusing on the growth in faith, the advancements in knowledge, and the strengthening of Christian virtues.

With your Bedan education, you will not only make a difference in the life of others, but you will also certainly, be the difference.


San Beda College – College of Medicine

The San Beda College with the power of autonomy granted by CHED for five (5) years created a consortium with the Loyola Medical College Foundation, Inc. to establish the San Beda College of Medicine. On March 9, 2002, the Board of Trustees of San Beda College approved the establishment of the fifth unit of San Beda, the San Beda College of Medicine. It offered a four (4) year course leading to the Degree of Doctor of Medicine. The College opened its portals for the school term 2002-2003 at its temporary home on the 5th floor of Summit One Tower Building, 530 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City to one hundred and forty-three (143) first year medical students. One year later, on June 16, 2003, the College of Medicine transferred to the San Beda College Main Campus at Mendiola Street, Manila. It occupied the St. Benedict's Hall. By 2005-2006, the College of Medicine had the full complement of year levels with the Clinical clerks (4th year medical students).

San Beda College, a Catholic educational institution, is committed to the Christian formation of the Bedan Community as its service to the Church, the Philippine society, and the world.


San Beda College envisions a Community that is

  1. fully human
  2. wholly Christian
  3. truly Filipino
  4. globally competitive


San Beda College aims to form its members in

  1. faith (fides)
  2. knowledge (scientia)
  3. virtue (virtus)

And inculcate in them the Benedictine core values of prayer and work that include

  1. study
  2. community
  3. pursuit of peace

Advantage of Studying Medicine at San Beda Manila?

San Beda college is the only Catholic Benedictine Co-educational school in Manila with a 112 year legacy of leadership and excellence. It is basically a law and business school, a growing nursing and medical school, with graduate schools in business, liturgy, and law. Through more than a century of its existence, the San Beda College has been faithfully fulfilling its thrust for people development and societal responsibility, and committing to remain a stalwart of quality Filipino Benedictine education now and for all time.

What makes us a "cut above the rest"?

  1. Cited repeatedly as a top performing school in law and accountancy by the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the Professional Regulation Commission, respectively;
  2. Tested capability to produce board placers in the bar examinations, CPA, nurse and medical licensure examinations over the past years;
  3. Repeatedly re-accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  4. (PAASCU), attesting to the quality education offered by the College;
  5. Commended repeatedly by PAASCU for its effort to build a caring community as evidenced by the teacher - disciple relationship of its faculty and students in campus; and
  6. Recognized for its distinguished alumni whose professional and public service milestones reveal the seeds of the passion for excellence and the highest Christian Benedictine virtues honed by their Bedan education.